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A Birthday On New Years Eve...Elvis....Looking Back At 2019

Dec 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy New Years Eve…and happy birthday to my daughter Heather.  A New Year’s Eve gift like no other.



A lazy day at the Whyte House. Got in a little gym time, my wife made some lemon cookies as part of my daughter’s birthday dinner late tonight, and I worked and tweaked on a few songs that I’m going to try out at New Years Eve songwriter gathering with friends early this evening.  And the sun was out all day giving us a spectacular view of Old Hickory Lake outside our front bay windows.  Not a bad lazy Monday.



Graceland will apparently auction off some stuff from Elvis on what would have been his 85th birthday coming up January 8.  A signed High School Yearbook, old records, backstage passes and on and on and on.  Here’s a LOOK at what you can buy.  I think they’ve already sold the old TV he shot with one of his many guns…so there’s nothing there for me. 



Carrie Underwood is stepping down as the CMA host after doing that for the last 12 years…most of them with Brad Paisley.  So who’s next?  Blake Shelton?  That would be the one name I’d toss out.  Going to be interesting to see whom they choose.



Now that we have one of those Roombas…I could see having one of these ELECTRIC TRACH CANS.  And…there’s several to choose from.  Click the link and see what these bad boys can do.  Now for a machine that picks up clothes and more the kids leave on the floor and returning them to the rightful place. 



“Boy Gets Magnifying Glass For Christmas Then Sets The Lawn On Fire”.  Who knew getting the kid a violent video game would have been a safer choice?



Gosh, 2019 was perhaps the busiest year I’ve had in a long while.  I saw a lot of the country doing shows with different folks or solo, and certainly did a fair amount of shows with both “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as well as with “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  I wrote a Vietnam vets story into a song in Montrose Colorado while writing yet another Veteran’s personal story into song in Little Rock.  What an honor.  Gentlemen I salute you.


I was part of an unreal Rhine River Cruise in Europe with Brent Burns and my wife and I had a blast both on and off board with all those Parrot Head music lovers that floated along with us starting in Amsterdam and ending in Switzerland.


I had a lot of songs recorded.  Some bluegrass, some beach songs, even a polka song that landed on the International Polka Album of the Year as well as being named the Polka Hall of Fame best album.


I had a great Christmas single out I was part of and perhaps the world’s greatest guitar player Tommy Emmanuelle played on a song I helped write that will be out next year.  And I got to be in studio that night and just watch in amazement.


I worked several times on air for WSM and that’s always a treat too.


And of all things I signed my first publishing deal this year with Billy Blue Publishing. 


My family for the most part has been healthy.  My daughter’s husband who’s in the military and has been deployed numerous times has come home safely each time.  So 2019…you’ve been a great one and I’m grateful.


And looking ahead?  2020 looks to be busier.



Off for that songwriting gathering I mentioned earlier and a Happy Birthday dinner for the daughter.


Have a great and safe New Year’s Eve.

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