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Yoda...A Big Birthday and Last Of The Year 2017

Last weekend of 2017.  Where did it go?



The Force was with us.  My wife and I got out and caught the latest Star Wars movie.  Very fun as always and spoiler alert..."Yoda" made an appearance!  I've been hooked since the first one that left me with my mouth open watching the state of the art special effects...and this one will not disappoint any Star War fans either. 



Here it comes.  Ready or not.  Nashville rings in the new year loudly.  Jimmy Buffett will play at our Bridgestone Arena with Huey Lewis and the News opening the show.  That's gonna rock.  And...OUTDOORS...FREEZING...will be a large crowd to watch Keith Urban and others and then wait for the city to drop the guitar.  That's right...a six string.  New York drops and apple....we're going with Twang here in Music City.  Down in Mobile they drop a "Moonpie".  Some city drops a possum I think. 


I won't grab a noisemaker and join any of that.  New Years Eve is my daughter Heather's birthday...so we will quietly celebrate that.  And being the HUGE party goer I am...my eyes will be closed long before anything starts dropping to ring in the New Year.  But y'all go have fun without me.







It is that time when gyms start seeing lots of folks who made a resolution to get in shape.  That usually lasts a couple of weeks and then most of those folks start making more trips to Cracker Barrel than the gym.  (Don't ask me how I know).  I don't think I've ever made one.  I know me.  But I do love what Mark Twain once said about resolutions.  "Now is the accepted time to make to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual".  Funny.



I watched the Kennedy Honors on PBS last night as I had taped it.  One of those honored was Norman Lear...the creator of All In The Family, Maude, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son and a lot more shows that tackled controversial topics with humor.  As they highlighted his career Norman pointed out that he was one who saw the humor in EVERTHING.  And that includes the kinds of things that might get you in trouble if they heard you laugh out loud about those things.   It's what made his shows pieces of art that will last forever.  Being unfraid to tackle bigotry, racism, and more with humor. 


I tell audiences some time that I see the humor in EVERYTHING.  The key for me is knowing when NOT to say something.  Nice to hear Norman Lear put an exclamation point on what is true.



Our "Hits & Grins" Trio will be in Dollywood at Dolly's DreamMore Resort for two days January 12 and 13.  We'll be joining some other Nashville songwriters to teach...and then do a couple of shows.  You can go.  And the resort is gorgeous.  Check this LINK to get complete info.  And think about joining us for a musical weekend called "Lyrics & Lore" in the Smoky Mountains. 





Some hotels are starting to replace "Do Not Disturb" signs with "Room Occupied" instead.  For security reason.  I guess it makes it sound like there is someone in the room a bit more to give potential thieves pause.  How about one we could hang on the door that reads, "I'm Really In Here And I Have A Gun And A Pit Bull"?



Christmas shopping is barely behind us and guess what ads are popping up already?  Valentines.  Good grief.  I keep reminding myself that I should buy my wife a Valentine gift when I'm out shopping for Christmas which would give me one less must shop day on the calendar.  How about a "Holiday Store" where you can walk in and buy something for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine, Sweethearts Day, Christmas...all in one place...all in one trip?  I'll call it the "Get It Over With Mall". 



47% of all Millennials pay their car in full when they buy one.  See Mom and Dad.  Kids really do listen sometimes.  Or else they are glued to Dave Ramsey.



Well the big college football bowl games are starting to creep in.  Ohio State vs USC tonight oughta be a dandy and then there's a slate of them of course over this weekend.  Between those, my daughter's birthday and the Rose Bowl Parade on New Years Day...I'll also be out playing a little music.


Tomorrow night (Saturday) I'm at Puckett's in Columbia, TN with Steve Dean and Bobby Tomberlin.  8:30 show tomorrow night if you're near.  Bundle up.


Have a great weekend...and Happy New Year.


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