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"Nashville Today Show"...Related To A Comedian...Saturday Night Show

Uh...yeah...it's cold...really cold this morning with a balmy 28 degrees set for our high today. 



I spent three fun hours on air for WSM filling in for Devon O'Day on the "Nashville Today" show and will do so once more this afternoon.  Devon is a great longtime radio broadcaster and many of you certainly know of her actress sister Faith Ford who was on "Murphy Brown" as well as other numerous TV shows and films.


The afternoon slot is basically a talk show with a few songs sprinkled in so it's fun to do.  My thanks to producer Lexi Carter for making my job so easy.


At one point during the show yesterday we talked about Christmas movies and how the LIfetime Channel and Hallmark run so many.  That made me think of my friend Riley Weston...a singer-songwriter-actress AND she writes a lot of those dramas for those two channels.  So...she was nice enough to join us on short notice and take some time away from her family in New York to chat with us about that.  A very fun 10 minutes or so...and Riley...thank you for doing that.



At 6 pm these days...when the radio show ends...it's dark.  And as I was leaving the Opryland Hotel I caught this view walking to my car.  Pretty incredible Christmas display here every year...and sometimes I get so busy I forget to take it in. 


The hotel is full of Christmas tourists right now...and a lot of really BIG young men.  Those would be the Kentucky Wildcats and the Northwestern Wildcats who are set to play in our Music City Bowl coming up this weekend.  So when someone yells "Go Wildcats"...I have no idea who they're rooting for.


I did see my homestate Missouri Tigers have their bowl game tonight against Texas...so I'll watch a bit of that I'm sure as Bowl Season is starting to approach some of the marquee games.  They play in the Texas Bowl...so guess who will have more fans?  All I know is I like Missouri's chances as they have a real deal QB.  Go Missouri.



Heywood Banks is a briliant funny song stand up comedian who lives up in the frozen tundra of Michigan.  So funny.  We've been friends for years and I've blogged about him before.  A regular on the Bob & Tom Show...he's the guy who closes his act playing a four slice toaster with a pair of forks on a song called "Toast".  We worked a few comedy clubs together back in the day...and even though we don't get to see each other much these days...we stay in touch.


Out of nowhere I got a text from him showing me a screen shot of a distant relative of his that he found poking around on Ancestry.com.  If I got it right...his Grandfather's Grandfather's brother (got that?) his name was Walter Mitchell WHYTE born in November 1897...in Scotland.  We're related?!?  A lot of "Whyte's" in Scotland for sure as I'm finding out more and more.  That connection led to me calling Heywood before I went on air yesterday which led to a lot of catching up and laughter.  I could be related to worse folks for sure.




Driving to WSM yesterday I passed by Opry Mills the big mall that replaced the Opryland Theme Park many years ago.  A lot of folks here still moan about the loss of that theme park which was very fun and gave a lot of local musicians a jump start on their country music careers.  I don't know what business was like at the park when they made that decision to close it...but I do know Opry Mills is making a LOT of money.  I never saw so many cars at a mall.  Returns and deals and crowds go hand in hand.  Not for me.  I'm working on figuring how to use a drone to return items.



We also talked bout getting in shape on air yesterday and some of the tips that Carrie Underwood's personal trainer suggests.  No wine, no alcohol.  Squats...lunges...pushups.  (Again..I can get down...can't get back up).  And the one that caught my eye was "Tabata".  Apparently that's a deal where you go as hard as you can for four minutes until you feel like you're ready to pass out.  Uh huh. 


Safe to say...I'll never have legs like Carrie Underwood...which would be weird anyway.  But...she's not as fast with a TV remote control as I am...so I have that on her for sure.



Off the coast of Grayton Beach in Florida they are opening the first UNDERWATER museum.  Lot of underwater sculptures to check out I guess in diving mask.  I'm betting all the paintings are watercolors.  Pretty sure.



A guy got too much money from an ATM machine so he literally beat up the machine.  Hard to teach a machine a moral lesson...but worth a try I suppose.



In Milwaukee where I used to live...some guy tries to rob a Wendy's store.  A customer picks up a wood chair and takes the guy out.  You try to steal a Frosty in Milwaukee and this is what can happen to you.



A woman in Pennsylvania (where Erie is digging out of 53 inches of SNOW)...gets her electric bill saying she owes 284 BILLION dollars.  She's hired the guy in Milwaukee to bring his chair and go with her to the electric office.  They should be able to resolve this pretty soon.



Back on air 3-6 pm on WSM.  We have several on air guests today including some "live" music from the new group "Painted West" so tune in if you can.  Worldwide at wsmonline.com


A reminder for those of you close enough.  I have a great songwriter show this Saturday night at Puckett's in Columbia, TN with Steve Dean and Bobby Tomberlin that will be fun.  It's right on the square in downtown Columbia and the food is terrific.  8:30 pm show...hope to see you there.  Bobby will sing his big hit "One More Day"...Steve will sing his smash "Watching You" and I'll be singing "If You're Not Careful My Wife's Gonna Leave You".  Soon to be smash hit I'm sure.


Have a great Wednesday!



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