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Post Christmas...The Movies and WSM Today

Well...me made it through Christmas...how bout you?



We had a very blessed "Whyte Christmas" yesterday for sure.  Our daughter and her fiancee' made it in from Minnesota so it was just our little foursome on Christmas.  My wife Kathy laid out and unreal Christmas dinner with turkey...we watched a couple of Christmas movies..."The Grinch" and "White Chrismas" and there were a lot of packages under the tree.  We've got enough movie passes now to get us through the next few months...and my wife gave me a turntable that I'll be trying to figure out how to hook up over the next few days.


I've still got a pretty good vinyl collection and have not really had anything to play them on.  When the digital age broke out...I did what a lot of folks did and gave mine away because everything was CD.  Now it's all digital.  And now the new trend is going back to vinyl albums.  Everything old in music is new again.  I'm looking forward to dropping a needle again now that I have a pro-turntable to play them on.


Santa was over-generous to all of us...but the best gift truly was being able to celebrate it with our little family in Tennessee.



We had no snow here...got down in the 30's.  We had some wind too over the weekend...strong enough to topple the official Nashville Christmas tree over...lights and all.  There was not time to put up another one...but somehow the city survived.


I also spent some time on air on WSM and will be back on the radio today and tomorrow from 3-6 pm.  Friday when I was on air a guy knocked on our studio window holding up a t-shirt.  Turns out he was the GM of the only radio station in Point Barrow, Alaska.  That's the northern most part of the frozen tundra.  I gave him a tour of the WSM studio and he was thrilled.  He was touring Nashville for the first time ever.  It's just one of those cool things that happens when you work inside the Opryland Hotel and the WSM studio as the hotel is always full of tourists from all over the world.  Thank to Jeff Seifert for the visit and the T-shirt. 






Apparently the winds prevented the annual crossing of the Delaware this year depicting George Washington standing up in a boat crossing the river to surprise the redcoats.  Stand in a boat in those kinds of winds wearing the kind of pointy hat ole George wore...and you could get blown into Maryland.  Good call.



All the "best of" lists will roll out from now until the New Year.  Some so called movie critic rolled out his top 5 Christmas movies and they were.  5. Home Alone 4. Love Actually 3. While You Were Sleeping 2. Charlie Brown Christmas and number 1...The Christmas Story.


It's all personal taste isn't it?  For me...Top 5 in no particular order?  White Christmas, Bishop's Wife, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch  and Polar Express.  And I'll bet your Top 5 list is different than mine and the expert critic...right?



I know I'm getting older when I read a list of the Top new TV shows from the past year...and I haven't watched any of them.  And I have to admit...I DVR no sitcoms or TV dramas.  Okay one..."Designated Survivor" because I love Kiefer Sutherland...and especially the work he did on the series "24". 


What do I DVR?  Survivior (still hooked) Amazing Race, Ice Road Truckers (random I know) Storage Wars and my wife's and my guilty pleasure..."The Bachelor".  And "Inside The Actors Studio" with James Lipton as the host.  Yes...I turned my Man Card in years ago.  Outside of that...my "live" TV habit is pretty much locked on sports.


And while we're at it...if I could bring back one TV series?  Friday Night Lights would be it.



We go to the beach several times a year.  Love it.  I don't dip my toes in the water much.  I don't swim in the ocean.  Jaws has ruined that for countless beach goers along with recent sighting of real sharks who sometimes find tourists tasty.  I don't want that.  I don't what some Great White grabbing my leg and then asking some other shark to "pass the grey poupon".  Nope. 


Now comes word that drones may be used along the coastlines to spot sharks too near the shore to provide warning for swimmers and surfers.  Dual duty for lifeguards up on those high chairs.  Watching a video screen for sharks...and watching you in case you're in trouble



Oh yeah.  Christmas be done...and here we come with return items.  The problem returning items for some is that you always spot something else you want.  It ain't a break even deal.  And what if what you want to return came from Amazon Prime?  How do you do that?  I gotta figure out how to return this thighmaster.



It's back on air on WSM.  I'm on for 3-6 today filling in for Devon O'day this time.  Grab some leftover turkey and tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com


Have a great Tuesday!




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