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Christmas Eve

Dec 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Christmas Eve!  And it’s foggy here in Nashville this morning.  A projected high of 44 today with zero chance of snow on Christmas.  And by next Friday we’ll be at 66 degrees for a high! 



Friday before the weekend started in earnest was busy and really fun.  It started on air at WSM when my friend Randy Brooks dropped by to tell the story of how his little song “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” was written and also talk about all the great things that continue to happen from one little funny song.  Dolly Parton and Jimmy Fallon just sang it together on the Tonight Show…and it continues to used and recorded over and over and over again.  Pretty amazing.  So Merry Christmas to my reindeer buddy who’s getting ready to go to Mexico and watch his daughter get married.  Good thing the song is still selling!



And a tip of the hat to my long time friend Jim Parker for having me again as part of his wonderful songwriters show in Huntsville Friday night along with Seals & Crofts 2 and Gordon Kennedy and sax man Tom Pallardy. Man what a night.  So cool to hear Brady Seals and Lua Crofts tear into the Seals & Crofts catalog…”Diamond Girl”…”Closer To You”…”We May Never Pass This Way Again” and more.


Gordon Kennedy came along to play guitar and sing harmonies with those two but performed a bunch of his hits he’s written too.  He talked about his Dad Jerry Kennedy who was a huge producer in Nashville for years and he told stories of hanging around some of those folks growing up that his Dad produced or played sessions for.  He was also a Hall of Fame musician…his Dad.  The Roger Miller story was priceless…and then he had us all singing “Dang Me”.  And he closed out with his little hit “Change The World” with Eric Clapton.  Here’s a clip of Gordon performing that song with “Peter Frampton” or as he described him Friday night…my guitar player.  Gordon is getting ready to join the Garth Brooks tour for the next three years…so if you go to a Garth show…look for my talented friend.


And it was Jim Parker’s birthday so we got to celebrate that too and sing along with his big hit “Chicken Truck”. 


It was my fourth time getting to do this show and that’s an honor as it’s truly one of the classiest songwriter shows in the country.  Thank you Jim for having me again.



Our daughter is flying right now…so we are hoping all of her connections will allow her to be back at Nashville International Airport sometime this evening so that she and her husband Casey will be able to join us at our table for Christmas Day.  When one flies standby…there’s no guarantees so we’ve got fingers crossed.  And if it doesn’t work out we’ll put it off a day if we need to.


My wife and I attended Christmas services yesterday where they did a great job of showing us the messages that one should take away when they watch the classic Christmas movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  The movie shows us that when we give to others it comes back to us in a big way.  It reminds us why we are here on this earth and how one life touches a lot of others.  That’s really a big part of the Christmas spirit isn’t it?


I have enough Christmas seasons under my belt to be at a point where I truly never WANT for anything.  And it gives me much much more pleasure to watch the reaction of someone when I give them a gift…or send an unexpected text or e-mail to them.  I’m blessed…and surely know it.


Have a very Merry Christmas Eve.





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