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White Whyte Christmas...Elvis Rocks and WSM Today

If the sun was coming...and it's not today...heavy rain...but...if it WAS...this is a bit of the view outside my bloggin window that my wife Kathy caught the other day.  Pretty good view to look at when I'm working here at my desk.  Today Old Hickory Lake that you see will be adding some inches from all the HEAVY rain they are calling for.  Thank goodness my wife bought me a new umbrella yesterday...I'm gonnna need it later today when I head to the Opryland Hotel to work mid-day on WSM.





I have got to get my Grinch to switch over to eggnog.  I hate when he steals my beer.  Dang.  Keep your beer cold and your Grinch locked up folks. 









Yesterday my wife and I watched some of "White Christmas" on the big screen.  Truly one of my faves.  I don't think they could have chosen a better foursome for that movie.  Bing Crosby (gosh what great vocal tone) Danny Kaye ( who owned a piece of the radio station I worked at in Cincinnati when they first got their license)  And speaking of Cincinnati...both Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen were from the Queen City.  All those actors and the General played brilliantly by Dean Jagger are gone now.  The movie debuted in 1954 and every year it's still a treasure in my book. 



My daughter texted us last night to let us know she arrived safely in Minnesota up near where my sister Rita and her family live and told us "there's snow EVERYWHERE".  Well...it is Minnesota.  So she and her fiancee' will get a bit of a white Christmas with his family up there before the get back on Christmas Day and have a "Whyte Christmas" here.  See how that works?



That was the signature on air phrase of Dick Enberg who passed at 82 yesterday.  One of the great sportscasters of all time.  At the end of his illustrious career we found out that his real sport love was baseball as he gave up NBC and became the radio play by play guy for the San Diego Padres.  Those radio guys are brilliant.  They makes us see the game with their words.  I was sorry to hear of his passing.



Our Tennessee legislature wlll allow us to come into the building with a gun...but will not allow signs.  They're thinking is "signs on sticks are dangerous".  Say what?  And a gun is?  Apparently...no politician wants to get his eye poked out.



Now we find out that the VA allowed workers with revoked medical licenses to work in the VA and take care of those folks who deserve the best treatment...our proud veterans.  I have no words for how hideous that is.  The deserve better.  And we can do better can't we?



Papa John be gone.  He got loud about the NFL protests and apparently it cost him his position.  Maybe he'll apply as a VA physician.  "Better nurses, better surgery...Papa Johns".



Apparently it's true that Apple slows down the old iPhones when they launch a new one.  The old batteries ain't as fast as what they load in the new product.  A good plan to keep us updating and buying new phones all the time.  My laptop has sticky keys.  It's 6 or 7 years old.  My Apple guy says those parts to fix it are no longer made and basically for what it would cost to rehab it at some store that does that sort of thing would cost almost what it's worth today.  I'd be better off buying a new one.  Uh huh.  Just coincidence I'm sure that it works that way.


I'm going to start working on having m CD's that folks buy wear out in a years time in hopes that they will buy a new one.  I'll let ya know how that goes.



There's a big auction going on of Elvis stuff online...from Graceland.  One thing up for grabs is a rocking chair from the Jungle Room.  Can anyone envision Elvis in his jumpsuit rocking in a rocking chair?  Me neither.  The man rocked alright...just not in a chair me thinks.



"Elderly Couple The 60 Pounds Of Pot Police Found Was A Christmas Present".  From Santa? 



I'm on air 10-3 today on WSM Radio filling in for Mike Terry.  You can listen in at wsmonline.com.  I'll be playing a lot of Christmas songs today as this is Christmas weekend.  So get in the spirit with me today


Have a great weekend!

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