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Radio and a Songwriters Show Friday

Dec 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…another early morning on WSM!



I had a blast hanging on the air again with Frank Seres as the two of us spell Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos the regular hosts of this show on 650 AM WSM.  Certainly it was a treat to talk with Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys who spoke from the heart about the moving experience he and the Oaks had singing Amazing Grace and President Bush’s funeral recently.  He also talked about the quartet’s big Christmas Show at our Symphony Hall in Nashville and baseball!  He’s a bigger fan than me which is hard to believe.  If you missed it…we will re-run some of that interview this morning.


Billy Droze dropped by and played “live” and we heard some great bluegrass songs off a couple of his projects…one being Coal Fed Train that’s high on the grass charts right now.  Billy also sang from the heart a song he helped write about his sister who died a violent tragic death.  A truly awful story you can dig for if you want to.  I knew the story…we didn’t talk about it on air…but because I did know what happened it made the song extremely powerful to hear.  And his co-writer of this song had a similar story that helped him relate when the two sat down to write it.  Hold those ya love close folks.



I’m on air now til 10 AM on WSM.  This morning at 8:30 my guest will be Ray Stevens!  Ray has a Christmas show going on at his new place just west of town Caba Ray.  So we’ll talk about that and maybe even talk about the song he recorded that Brent Burns and I wrote “Retired”.


Then at 9:15 my friend Randy Brooks will sit down “live” in studio and play and talk about his amazing Christmas song he wrote years ago “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  It’s a heck of a story…so don’t miss it.



Full long day today for sure before breaking for Christmas.  And that’s because tonight I’ll be on state in Huntsville, Alabama for the Jim Parker Songwriters Show that will feature Jim, myself Seals & Crofts 2 with Brady Seals and Lua Crofts as well has hit writer Gordon Kennedy who wrote a mammoth hit for Eric Clapton “Change The World”.  It’s going to be a heck of a show but a heck of long day and evening getting back home.  Thank goodness a Christmas break is here on my calendar too!


So if you’re in Huntsville come out to the Von Braun Center for the dinner and show.  And this morning…tune me in at wsmonline.com


Have a great weekend!

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