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Gingerbread Writing...Grandma Got Run Over and WSM Tomorrow

4 days til Christmas.  Yikes.  We'll be in the 60's here today but only 42 for a high on Christmas Day.  No snow.  A white Christmas here is a rarity...but as always we will have a "Whyte Christmas" for sure.



I had a blast writing with my old friend Gerald Smith at his publishing company off Music Row and Janelle Arthur the former American Idol star joined us.  It's the second time the three of us have written together.  The first time produced a song that is one of my favorites in my catalog.  Janelle and I got some validation that the song is pretty solid one night when we played the Tin Pan South songwriters festival here in Nashville.  She sang...I played and sang a little harmony and at the end...several folks got on their feet and applauded the tune.  Always humbling and gratifying for sure.


Yesterday we shared that story with Gerald and then Janelle told me that her husband was sitting the back that night and the lady next to her was crying.  It's not a sad song...it's a love song with a really nice positive twist at the end that most listeners will never see coming...which I love.  And I always feel if a song moves folks emotions...whether they laugh, clap along, sing along or cry...it's a good thing.  So it was nice hearing that.


And yesterday I took half of an idea that worked itself into a pretty cool train song.  You can't have enough train songs in country music...and now we have another. 


Punctuate all of that with some gluten free gingerbread snaps in the shape of a music note my wife made...and you have a pretty fun Wednesday in Music City.



I also butchered up my friend Randy Brooks classic Christmas song "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" as my New York folks wanted a parody of that about folks who hate the song.  Sorry Randy.  It is kind of a love-hate song for some.  I've become a much bigger fan since I've gotten to know the writer...Randy Brooks after playing. couple of shows with him.  It's an incredible story of how one song can do so well that it supports the writer the rest of his life.  He happened to play the song at a little club one night in Phoenix opening up for some duo named Elmo and Patsy.  Randy sang the song on his set...and after the show Elmo and Patsy had Randy sing it again into a little cassette player.  Who knew it was going to be a gift that keeps on giving? 





I got a little early musical Christmas present by text last night.  My Aussie friend and co-writer Tamara Stewart (pronounced "Tamahra") is recording a new album at Zac Brown's studio here in Nashville...and last night she texted me some video from the studio so I could listen to a song we wrote together as background harmonies were being added.  I love this little song called "Dear Hometown" that has a lot of images of her little hometown in Australia...but at the same time...it reflects the little hometown in Missouri that I grew up in too.  The album and song will be out in 2018...i'll let you know when.  But thanks for the little video surprise Tamara.



I've got a couple of them.  Yesterday morning on the way to my writing appointment I stopped and had breakfast at the Waffle House.  As I went to pay my bill...I looked over and there eating all alone was Santa.  Uh huh.  He was not eating cookies and milk.  Scattered and smothered I think.








And then early this morning at my Starbucks...one of the regulars...a lady...walked in wearing a lit up Christmas out fit...lights flashing...and even some Christmas tunes playing as part of her festive get up.  Yep...pretty much made everyone laugh and get in the spirit for sure.



Maybe another sign of Christmas?  One that says someone was short on cash to buy presents with?  Some guy got into one of our hospitals last night and loaded up the ATM machine in lobby...got it into his car and drove away.  They are still looking for him.  "And they heard him exclaim...dash away...dash away...getaway all"!



Apparently we are getting a Shake Shack.  Famous in New York.  Really famous because I saw a 60 Minutes feature on this place a few months ago showing how folks line up forever to get their burger and shake.  And it's always crowded.  Well...I do love burgers...and I do love shakes.  I'm thinking the lines would not be as long at the "Veggie Shack"...so I'm all in for making a stop when they open.





MSN released an article on "things not to wear on an airplane".  I'm sure my daughter Heather who flies for American would concur.  Those that made me nod my head?


Overdoses of colgone or perfume.  Someone has to sit next to ya.

Sweatpants.  That's all I have in my closet anymore.  I'm in trouble.

Shorts.  What...you don't like my hairy gams?

Offensive logos on clothing.  That little kid peeing on Jeff Gordon's number?  Race track only pal.

And my fave...crocs.  No.  Not on a plane...not at a mall...not at a Starbucks.  Behind closed doors only.



More and more robots are going to take the place of miners.  If I were a miner (and what a hard dangerous job that can be) I learn to program and run mine robots right now.  Let a hunk of metal get dirty and breathe in all that stuff.



Here's a funny tweet someone put up about being a Mom. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing parents that a hamper hoop would get kids to put their dirty clothes in the hamper".  Uh...no.


The way to accomplish that is to tell your kids to please leave their dirty clothes on the floor.  Then they'll do just the opposite.  Problem solved.





Quiet.  Everything is shutting down...me too for the most part for the holidays.  I'll get to the gym to try and work off some of the gingerbread I've been eating...then a little Christmas wrapping.  Mine is easy to spot with the wads of extra paper duct taped down.  Sigh.


Tomorrow I will be on air from 10-3 on WSM...this time filling in for Mike Terry.  You can listen in at wsmonline.com if you'd like....and that would be cool.


Have a great Thursday!

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