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Santa Boat...WSM...Buckaroo Lullabye

Got a little rain for the next few days.  Santa may have to get here on his "Santa Boat" this year.  Which reminds me of this little Christmas nautical children's tune that my friend Brent Burns put on his Christmas CD one year titled "Santa Boat".  Call me crazy but I think it would be a cool children's book illustrated that should be racked in book stores near any coastline.  Listen and see what you think.



Nothing really big.  I wrote a "Powerball" song for New York using Brad Paisley's hit "Alcohol" because it's worth over a quarter of a million and climbing again this week.  Since I have no chance of winning I made myself a reminder to buy one when I'm out and running today.


I also moved some on air time slots for WSM next week.  Next Tuesday and Wednesday...right after Christmas I'll be on air 3-6 pm covering for Devon O'day as opposed to 7-Midnight filling in for Eddie Stubbs as originally planned.  The afternoon slot is pretty much a "talk" show with some country music sprinkled in and it's fun to do.  So do tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com. We are working on booking some guests for those two days and running into Music City being empty of singers and pickers and writers because they've gone home for the holidays.  I was on Music Row for a second yesterday and and 16th, 17th and 18th avenue had tumbleweeds rolling around.  Okay...not that bad...but a lot of folks are gone because a lot of folks...in fact most of the creative community...they ain't from here.  So it should be an interesting guest list...stay tuned.







Last night my wife Kathy got creative...and made gluten free gingerbread men.  I'm still not sure what "gluten" is to tell ya the truth...but there wasn't any to be found in the legs and arms and head I bit off.  Even though they were delicious...I've refused to let her make "gluten free" mac and cheese.  I wonder if folks who are addicted to "gluten" really like it or are they just "a gluten for punishment".  Sorry.



It's that time of year when publications start rolling out the "year highlights"...stuff we already know but because staffs are out for Christmas...they regurgitate what happened earlier in the year.  I digress.


They also put out a of "Best" and Worst" lists for the year.  One "Worst List" just out is for "Worst Passwords" used in 2017.  No surprise that 1 2 3 4 5 6 came in at number one again.  Even I can hack that computer.  Two others I like "letmein".  Uh huh.  And then there are the legion of Chewbacca fans that use "starwars" for their password. 


I'd use facial recognition but I have had some folks tell me through the years that I look a little like Kevin Costner.  So...it would be just my luck to go that route and have Kevin hack into my Apple...so I'll pass.



Apparently Nashville will get a major league soccer team for sure.  Dignitaries are expected to make the announcement to big fan fare here today.  A multi million dollar soccer stadium is already on the drawing boards.  So...we've got Major League football and Soccer now.  And I'm hoping one Christmas Santa will bring a Major League baseball team here!  Anytime.  Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in just a couple months.  Not that I'm anxious mind ya.



Idaho was given the first "International Dark Sky Reserve".  1,400 acres dedicated to looking up at incredible views when the sun goes down.  I have one too called my "front lawn" but it still has no official recognition yet.  Working on it.  Sadly...I think I've actually looked up at the sky more times in a planetarium than looking up outdoors.  You look up...see stars...and leave with no chigger bites.  So...maybe I understand why I like that so much now.





I want to share this little "live" performance of my friend Paul Bogart singing the song we wrote about his young cowboy Jett called "Buckaroo Lullabye" that was added to his new album "Leather" at the last second.  Paul wanted to write a lullabye for his youngun’ and had started on the idea while driving home with the band from a run of shows out west.  He was driving...and thinking...and writing.  That day at Sony when we gathered to write he told me about the idea and actually said, "if you don't like it I would understand".  I LOVED this little idea...and I'm so proud of this tune that's getting some praise by critics right now.  And I'm so glad he asked me to be his co-writer on this.  Hit the link and check out the "live" performance with Paul, a guitar player and a fiddle player.  Pretty cool.







Here ya go.  Some of the rich folk in Britain have started putting bird spikes in trees that overhang where they park their expensive cars in order to avoid bird poop on their Bentleys and Rolls and etc.  I didn't know it was legal to do that to tell ya the truth but there ya go.  Another way to avoid bird poop on your auto is to buy a REALLY ugly car...like the one pictured.  No bird wants to be any part of a car like that.  Park it where ya want.



I'm off to write with my Georgia Quacker friend Gerald Smith and former American Idol alum Janelle Arthur today who sings like a bird.  Not like the bombardier ones just mentioned.  It's a pleasure to sit in a room and just hear her sing for sure. 


And then...I have to attempt to wrap some Christmas packages.  I can't wait any longer.  Where's the duct tape?


Have a great Tuesday!


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