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New Writers...Christmas Song Surprise...WSM Ahead

Dec 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

So…my wife gently pokes at me and reminds me it would not hurt me to lose a little weight.  And then yesterday she makes peanut butter fudge.  Gotta say I love her weight loss program.



I wrote at Sony on Music Row yesterday with my buddy Paul Bogart. Paul brought a new friend…a young artist by the name of James Carothers.  James plays Lower Broadway a lot…got to know George and Nancy Jones and even recorded a tribute to the Possum.  But…he also won a big WSM talent contest awhile back and his prize is getting to open a couple shows for Alan Jackson on the road…and one at the Ryman Auditorium here in town.  He’s got a big ole baritone voice and the three of us sat in the Bobby Braddock room at Sony and wrote him a very fun tune.


The pressure is on when you write in a room named after Bobby Braddock.  Bobby wrote what is considered by most the greatest country song of all time “He Stopped Loving Her Today” for George Jones.  I did kind of pause and think about where I was writing again yesterday.  There’s a Hank room, a Bill Anderson room, and Willie Room to go along with Bobby’s.  You get to be that big…and ya get a room named after you. 


It was also in the Sony Building that Keith Anderson recorded this song we wrote together “Bottle Of Crown and Jackson Browne” and we were following John Rich that day as he too was recording a demo.  It was a pretty surreal experience and I was reminded of that as I walked by those studios yesterday before leaving.  I try to not to get too use to where I am sometimes.  Growing up and dreaming about Nashville as a kid…it’s just numbing sometimes when you’re seemingly all of a sudden in places that you dreamed about.


Tuesday was a good day.



And…I got a couple of nice music surprises yesterday.  Paul told me during a break that he had released a Christmas single we wrote together called “Thank God Some Things Never Change”.  Now…it’s been awhile since I’ve seen my cowboy singer songwriter friend.  The last time we were together he told me he was THINKING bout doing that.  Turns out he did…but forgot to let me know.  I love those kinds of surprises.  If you click on the link of that song you’ll be able to follow the “Listen” button and hear some or all of it.  Paul wanted to write Christmas…a song about the old traditions that a lot of us grew up with and passing some of those down to our kids.  I’m really proud of this song and the message in it…take a listen.



Another old friend Shawn Hammonds who’s a great country singer and maybe even a great martial arts fighter (runs his own studio filled with fighters) has gone in studio to record a bluegrass project and he recorded a song we wrote together years ago called “I’m A Little Less Lonely”.  He sent me a rough demo of what they’ve done before and it just made me smile.  It’s one of the great treats of being in this challenging business of songwriting…that you write something and it can lay around for years and then one day you get a phone call, text or e-mail telling you that somebody recorded that song.


So thanks to Shawn and Paul!



It’s really true…we’re seeing gas at less than 2 bucks a gallon.  My pump was at $2 even this morning.  Wow.  I keep rooting for the Dollar General Store to put gas pumps in.  C’mon!



Man I loved Laverne and Shirley.  So funny.  Lenny & Squiggy?  Made me laugh with every entrance.  “Hello”!  I also loved “Big” and “Awakenings” and certainly “A League Of Their Own” that Penny Marshall produced.  That baseball movie made over a $100 million bucks and she was the first female producer to accomplish that.  And she pretty much launched Tom Hanks as a movie star.  Just a great talent gone.  Tom Hanks paid a great tribute to Penny.  Check that out right HERE.



Speaking of movies…that one is out today.  Gonna be full theaters for a while me thinks.  And umbrella sales may see a spike too.  Can’t wait to see this one.



Have you seen the VIDEO of this glitter bomb that an ex-NASA engineer put together to help catch thieves stealing packages at our front door?  Now this guy was a mission.  Going to be some sparkly thieves in the back of squad cars.



That kabillionaire Elon Musk has just released some VIDEO of his underground tunnel that folks will be driving in.  Man…we could use anything like that to help deal with the massive traffic nightmare Nashville has become with all the growth.  Are we looking at the future?



You can lose or maintain weight if you walk enough each day.  How much is enough?  According to this one report…30 minutes.  It seems like all of us should be able to do that right?  I’ve had the person that I pay to walk for me doing an hour.  He’ll be thrilled when I cut his time in half. 



Now a company is promising they can sell you a pair of pants that will last 100 years!  It will cost you $645 for a pair.  Wonder if someone will try to do that with underwear?  Hopefully not.



I’ve got busy couple of days coming up so today I actually cancelled one appointment to rest up for Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow morning and Friday morning I’ll be on the WSM morning show again from 5:30-10 AM worldwide at wsmonline.com.  Ray Stevens, The Oak Ridge Boys and others will be guests on the show over the next couple of mornings so tune in if you can.


Then after the show Friday I head for Huntsville, Alabama for a great show at the Jim Parker Songwriters SeriesBrady Seals and Lua Crofts will join me on stage as “Seals & Crofts 2 along with Jim Parker and Gordon Kennedy who wrote “Change The World” for Eric Clapton amongst many other songs you would know.


And tonight I’m off with the family to root on our Belmont Bruins in a basketball game and that’s always fun. 


So probably a short blog tomorrow morning because of being on the radio.


Have a great Wednesday!

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