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WSM Morning...A New Santa...A New Co-Writer

Dec 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

On a tear this morning to get everything done as I actually slept in late for me…a rare thing indeed. 



Instead of being up by 5 AM I slept an entire 45 extra minutes.  I did the EARLY morning show yesterday on WSM and was reminded of why I used to ALWAYS take a nap during that kind of radio routine.  But it’s worth it to have the opportunity to go in every now and then and be on the air at that great radio station.


The morning host Bill Cody was off yesterday so I worked with Charlie Mattos.  We had Shawn Camp and my buddy Lauren Mascitti in studio and we played some songs from Lauren’s new CD coming up that has a song on it I helped her and Wil Nance write.  And they sang “live” too which is a treat always.  On top of being one of the more gifted writers in this town…Shawn Camp is a noted performer singer too with several albums of his own AND he finds time to be part of the Earls of Leicester which is an all star mulito-award winning group of bluegrass musicians who pay tribute to Flatt and Scruggs.  Check out this VIDEO….Shawn is the singer doing is best Lester Flatt.


And Lauren as I’ve mentioned here is just an incredible young singer.  She sang this SONG that she co-wrote that slays me. 


And we payed tribute to the late Hall of Fame songwriter Jerry Chestnut who passed a couple of days ago.  So many great songs from a guy who stared singing in coal mining camps…was a conductor on the railroad…served in the Air Force before deciding he could be a songwriter.  Was he ever. 


His great song “Good Year For The Roses” which is a George Jones classic was also recorded by Elvis Costello.  Jerry thought he must be an Elvis impersonator…he knew nothing of Elvis Costello.  Keep in mind that Jerry was a “country” boy for sure.  When he got his first check from England of $60,000 for the Elvis Costello recording of his song he said he thought that maybe this “punk” rock music thing might be the way to go.  Funny.


A fun day on the radio yesterday and I’ll be on twice more this week…Thursday and Friday morning…and Ray Stevens will be a guest on Friday’s show!



I left the studios and headed straight for Music Row and Curb Publishing to write with Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance…so Lauren and I had quite the day yesterday.  Especially considering the fact that she brought such a wonderful idea for the three of us to write…and we did.   I’ve said it before but it’s true.  If you write a lot…you tend to know the songs that could be special.  This one would fall into that category.  There was a moment or two where I did think to myself how lucky I was to be in the same room.  Monday was a good day.



I also wrote a Christmas parody song for New York over the classic “Little Drummer Boy” song.  The guy in this song says he won’t buy a drum set for his boy at Christmas…so no “drum drum drum” under the tree.  They do be a little noisy.  The song suggests that Dad might buy him a guitar he can “strum strum strum” instead. 



Survey says that Christmas Eve is the prime day for heart attacks.  Yikes.  It jumps 40% that day.  Some of those probably happen when Dad finds out that Santa left his kid a drum set.



The US and Britain combined on a poll of what folks would do to modernize old Santa.  The top tips?  Put him on a diet, have him wear sneakers, give him an iPhone AND a flying car.  Rudolph will be looking for a job.


Flying cars ARE on the horizon…and so is a FLYING MOTORCYCLE apparently.  That means a law is coming where one will have to wear a helmet AND a parachute.



I saw a list of great pull up bars that you can install in your house if you’d like to see if you can do a chin up.  I already know the answer.  I can’t climb a rope either…for the record.  Horrible memories of Elsberry High where they had a rope in the gym they wanted us to climb for some reason.  I failed…miserably.  But I think I psyched myself out from over-thinking.  I couldn’t stop thinking…where is the rope going? Is there a donut waiting at the top?



A guy in Thailand has had the same pet in his house for like 25 years.  A crocodile.  Which begs the question, if you wear a pair of crocs in front of a crocodile…what’s the crocodile thinking”?



Well…I do love the sense of justice and humor in my home state of Missouri as a deer poacher there was sentence to having to watch the movie “Bambi” once a month.  And I didn’t even know Judge Judy lived in Missouri!



I’m off to write with Paul Bogart who’s still celebrating that he got to play a couple of shows at the big rodeo in Vegas this year…a dream come true.  Paul’s a legit cowboy so one can understand why he was excited.  And I’m betting our song “All That Cowboy Jazz” was winner with the cowboys in Sin City.


Paul is bringing a young artist to our writing table today who’s got a little Waylon and throwback in him that I dig.  So I’m looking forward to meeting and writing with one James Carothers later this morning.


Have a great Tuesday!



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