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On The Air

Dec 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Once again I’m up early and sitting inside the WSM studios at the Opryland Hotel getting ready to do the morning show from 5:30-10 AM giving regular host Bill Cody the morning off.  My talented friends Lauren Mascitti and Shawn Camp will be dropping by with some “live” music at 8:15 AM which will be fun so listen in some if you can at wsmonline.com


This will be a busy week on air.  I’m back on this Thursday and Friday mornings with more great guests including Ray Stevens, Billy Droze (great bluegrass singer) and Randy Brooks who penned “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. 



I’m happy to announce my Christmas shopping got done!  Woo hoo.  Once again I got Slim Jims for everyone.  I wish it was that easy.  Although I’ve discovered that Slim Jims make a pretty good redneck tinsel for the tree unless you own a dog.  Then…not so much.  But it is done and I’m grateful for that.  Now I’ll be able to find time for more Christmas movies.  Maybe.


I did see some of the college bowl games and those started on Saturday and will run non stop now til early next year which is just days away.  Hard to believe.  And we are celebrating a big victory by our Belmont basketball team who went out to LA and slayed the giant UCLA team…a huge upset for this small program.  Belmont is where my daughter graduated…and it’s where a lot of country stars graduated too.  So the music community here got a nice little early Christmas present.  Heather blew up my phone Saturday night texting me with the news.  Congrats to Belmont and a classy coach Rick Byrd.



This is kind of interesting.  If you click on this article you can scroll through the years and find the most popular toy the year you were born.  No…I won’t share mine here.  But I did notice finger paint was “da bomb” in but Monopoly was #1 in 1937!  And it’s still popular today.



You can make butternut squash mac and cheese apparently but I don’t know why anyone would mess with perfection.  Geez.  There must be hundreds of variations on mac and cheese.  I think chefs get bored and decide to put a twist on a fave.  They got it right when they first made it.  Open the box, pour in the elbows, pour in hot water, stir every now and then, drain…add a big log of Velveeta Cheese.  Stop messing with my mac and cheese!



If you liked the Carpenters…you’re going to love the new album that Richard Carpenter produced with the London Philharmonic Orchestra that brings those great hits that Richard and his sister Karen recorded that we all know.  Here’s a little TRAILER where you can watch Richard with his baton leading the way.  It made me want to listen all over again…and also made me sad that Karen died way way too soon.



Man In China Gets Lung Infection After Sniffing His Own Socks.  Apparently he’s done this everyday until his socks got tired of it.  Sniff glue…it’s safer.


Gotta go…bout to start the radio show.  Have a great Monday!






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