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Two Bags...Great Radio News...Yodeling Pickle

Dec 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little rain this morning but warming up to near 60 to start the weekend here in Music City. 



I got back with my friend Gerald Smith after we had to stop a writing session Wednesday on short notice.  I’m glad we both had yesterday open as we wrote a little southern gospel number yesterday from a great title Gerald had in his bag that was all about those one room churches that both of us experienced that had no AC and was hot as heck.  That’s why they put wooden fans on the back of pews so you could fan hot air all over yourself.  The song I think is reminiscent of those old quartet tunes that features the bass singer a bit like on this old classic “Just A Little Talk With Jesus”.  Our family sang gospel music together growing up…my Dad would have had the bass line you hear in this old song.


So it was fun going down memory lane a bit with Gerald who’s from Georgia…but had the same kind of church experience I had growing up in Missouri.


And the really good news is that I’m about to get into a music arena that will allow me to pitch songs to gospel quartets who still sing this kind of music.  So yesterday with Gerald was fun and productive all at the same time.



Big time congratulations to my friend and co-writer Ayla Brown who got hired by a MAJOR country radio station in Boston to help do the morning show there.  Great hire on their part.  Though she’s done not a lick of radio broadcasting she’s a natural.  I’ve written a lot with her and her talented boyfriend Rob Bellamy who also made the move with her back home to the east coast where they both came from. In fact the two of them just recorded three songs we wrote together.  I have no idea what will become of those with this new venture but it doesn’t really matter when this kind of opportunity presents itself from out of nowhere seemingly.  We’ll have to do our writing by Skype in the future.  I could not be happier for my friends.  They are going to do EXTREMELY well in Boston.



Man…I think Toby Keith just recorded his best song ever.  And he wrote “Don’t Let The Old Man In” by himself.  They’ve used this song in the movie “The Mule” starring Clint Eastwood.  The critics…at least some are saying this is Clint’s best movie in years…and the trailer seems to indicate that. If you click on the link above you can listen…and see what pieces of the movie at the same time.  I love this song that gave me goosebumps at first listen.



More congrats in order.  This time to my friends Becky Denton and Will Denton.  Becky’s song that the three of us wrote “Two Bags One Beach” has just crossed over into the top 20 on one of the Internet Trop Rock charts at Tiki Pod Radio.  It’s just a cool little beach song that’s giving Becky a little attention…and that makes me happy.  Good for those two.



Richard Branson the kabillionaire is saying that someday the old 40-hour week…8 hours a day thing will be a dinosaur.  That we will work more from home…less hours…no traditional.  I don’t think I would doubt that predictions.  Not after reading his little plane just reached space yesterday when many said that couldn’t happen.  He’ll start selling seats to tourists in about 6 months.  If ya wanna go boldly where not many have gone…save up.  It will cost you a quarter of a million dollars. 


I guess I’m going to have to wait til Uber makes a spacecraft.



First…Prius is making a car to go in snow.  They’ll never hear ya coming through the drifts in that bad boy. 


Second…for your fireplace you can now buy a KFC log starter.  Yep…smells like chicken they say.  I’m going with the “Crispy” log over the original myself.



Man it’s hard to buy Christmas for those who seemingly have everything.  And I’ve got a couple folks I’m looking for.  This MAY be the answer.  A yodeling pickle!  That’s right…a dang pickle ornament that actually yodels.  Who would not love that?  Check this BAD BOY out.  I am going to be the best gift giver ever this Christmas.



A preacher at one of the mega churches in South Carolina is catching a little heat.  He just gifted his wife a $250,000 Lamborghini.  I’m thinking some of his congregation may start putting a little less in the offering plate.  Praise the Lord.



Did I mention I still have Christmas to take care of?  Sigh.  However…the college bowl games start Saturday, which means I need to get busy the minute I wrap this blog today.


There’s also that meteor shower tonight.  It’s raining here….so it’s probably a moot point.  But go look up if ya can if that’s your thing. 


Don’t forget that Monday morning I’ll be back on air at WSM with some great music guests stopping by to play “live” music so there will be a very short blog here Monday.  The radio show runs from 5:30-10 AM at wsmonline.com around the world.  Tune in some of you can.


Have a great weekend!



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