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Grandma...New Show...Moose Ring

Dec 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

How can it be the middle of December already? 



I had a songwriting appointment with my friend Gerald Smith yesterday at his publishing company, which is in a little house that sits on the banks of the Cumberland River near the Opryland Hotel.  It was one of THOSE days where things adjusted and changed.  First…we were both late which is a rarity.  And then about the time we were sitting down to beat up possible ideas to write…my phone started pestering me. 


I was getting a “have to get this done” type of message from my folks in New York who needed a quick turnaround on a Christmas parody song that turned out to be “Grandma Got Run Over By A FedEx”.  More on that in a second.


So…I had to cut my session with Gerald very short and take care of that which I did.  Gerald and I looked and we were fortunate that both of us had an open slot today on our calendars so we’ll go back to work today without distraction…hopefully. 


I love Gerald Smith.  He’s just a great gentle soul who is also a great songwriter with multiple hits to his name.  But he’s also got a funny side that works for me for sure.



What was interesting about writing that parody song yesterday morning of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” is that song was written by another friend Randy Brooks who’s REALLY busy this time of year because the song is hot again like it is every Christmas season.  Randy wrote the song by himself…and it’s a gift that just keeps giving every single holiday season providing Randy with lots of interview possibilities and an increase in his show schedule to sing THAT song. 


Randy and I chatted by e-mail yesterday and I’m hoping he’s going to be on air with me next Friday morning on WSM as I fill in once again on the morning show from 5:30-10 AM to talk about that song…and it’s an interesting story for sure.  Randy lives in Texas but will be in Nashville to perform at the Bluebird Café next Friday night so I have high hopes he’ll be in early enough to do the radio show.



I did add another show to my 2019 calendar that you can find here at my website.  Saturday July 26 I’ll be at the new Duck River Country Store that is located in Williamsport, TN about an hour and a half drive from where I live.  Doyle and Debbie Grisham bought this quaint little store which reminds me a bit of the old New Hope General Store where my family bought groceries back in the day.


Doyle Grisham is a name some of you may recognize as Doyle is a noted steel guitar player…most notably with Jimmy Buffett including this early Buffett FAVORITE of mine.  He played on so many of those records of Jimmy that I love and he and his wife Debbie are big time in the Parrot Head movement.  So this will be fun…and I appreciate Debbie teeing this up for me and making it happen.  They’ve got a great little menu…so if you’re anywhere near come by and join me that night.



Vitamin Water is going to give someone $100,000 if they give up their smart phone for an entire year.  You sign up online to be eligible to win and go smart phoneless.  I’ll pass…but what a good idea to create a little “buzz” for the company. 



Word is that the Boy Scouts of America may file for bankruptcy.  I’m guessing the cost of paying for all those merit badges may be catching up with the bottom line.  I have no idea.  Surely someone will come to the rescue.


I was never a Boy Scout.  A Cub Scout for a very short period of time.  My Dad made me carve my own little soapbox derby car to race back in the day.  I have no skill in that department.  In fact…less than no skill.  And my little old car?  If it could talk it would have told you how badly I sucked at that.  It turned out to look like a square black piece of wood with wheels that ran very slowly down the ramp.  I’ve found out later that SQUARE is not very aerodynamic and is about as fast as a DMV clerk.  It’s no wonder I never advanced to Boy Scouts.



Thinking about that memory those does make me smile like a kid though.  As adults we sometimes forget what that “kid like” feeling is.  That’s why we love having children…or grandchildren.  It allows one to feel that again through them.  I have “grand-cats”.  It’s not the same somehow.


I suggest this Christmas season if you can find a way to do it…walk through an FAO Schwartz store and wonder through the toys and teddy bears and games.  Years ago I did that in Chicago with my wife.  It’s pretty good medicine for those who aren’t feeling that childlike magic this Yuletide Season.



Ellen DeGeneres may stop hosting her TV show after a very long run.  Some are saying if she does that her replacement might be Kelly Clarkson.  I can see that.  She’s gabby…and fun…and you know that if you watch her on “The Voice”.  We’ll see what happens.



If you’re in town this Sunday…FREE admission to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  And if you’ve never been…it’s a treat.  I get to play in one of their theaters once a year…in fact I got to play a corporate show once in the rotunda where all the Hall of Fame plaques hang and that was pretty special. 


I get e-mails from time to time for old friends wanting me to give them a list of things they should do when they are in town.  The Hall of Fame is ALWAYS on that list.



In Alaska…the doorbell rang.  The owner went to see who the heck kept ringing it.  When he opened his door he saw the back end of a moose that had backed into the ringer.  Yep…I’d say if Bullwinkle rings your doorbell…you must be living in Alaska.



Back to the writing table with Gerald Smith.  Maybe we can write something half as funny as “You Play Like Chet” that Gerald wrote.


Have a great Thursday!











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