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Happy Birthday Dean...Fish...50 Cities

Dec 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Looking at a big full moon outside my blogging window this morning that’s dancing over the calm waters of Old Hickory Lake and all is quiet…just like I like it.  Out on my Starbucks run this morning at 5 AM I couldn’t help but stare at how gorgeous the last full moon of 2019 is…amazing.  And coming back up my driveway two big foxes ran across my front yard.  I THINK they were foxes.  In the shadows they were pretty big and now I’m looking to see if we have wolves in middle Tennessee.



I want to say Happy Birthday to Dean Raymer my second Mom back in Missouri.  She and her husband Dodge and their family were blessings the minute they came into my life too many years ago to mention.  Dean booked me and my band all over the country back in the day but the relationship that developed from that was far more important than any shows that were booked.  Love ya Dean.  Enjoy your day.



I got a 2 for 1 thing yesterday writing with my friend Gerald Smith at my publishing company.  Charley Pride is looking for “country” songs right now and Gerald loves writing that way.  So we took one song we’d already written and changed the groove to better fit what Charley did on his last album, and wrote a new one in that same kind of traditional country feel.  So in the course of 3 hours or so we wrote and pitched 2 songs.  Odds are always long landing songs that you try and specifically tailor to a specific artist but we did our part yesterday.  A fun day writing with the “Georgia Quacker” for sure.



A fan of Olivia Newton John and the movie “Grease” bought her leather jacket that was put up for auction.  I’m guessing the movie studio owned it and gave it to an auction house.  Either way, this fan bought the jacket for $245,000 and then gave it to Olivia. Proof that there are some really nice folks out there.


Okay…I bit.  I had to look when I read a headline that asks, “Do You Know Your State Fish”?  That answer would be no.  Not for my home state of Missouri nor the one I live in now Tennessee.  It really hasn’t kept me up at night either wondering.  How do they determine a dang state fish?  Is there a swimsuit competition?

For the record the channel catfish is the fish of the Show Me State.  Makes sense.  We caught a fair amount of those when I was growing up.  Hated the cleaning process on those bad boys.  Who knew a pair of pliers was required?


And here in the Rocky Top state?  Small Mouth bass.  So there ya go.


Without looking I’m going to predict that the LARGE mouth bass would be the fish of Washington.


If you’re curious about your home state fish…here’s the LIST



I can’t ever or have never figured out a Rubiks Cube.  I’m mightily challenged by that golf tee game at Cracker Barrel so I have no shot at Mr. Rubik and his cube.  But this GENIUS solves it in less than a minute…blindfolded!  Watch THIS.  I’ll bet this guy knows his state fish too.



Six…SIX new iPhones were just unveiled.  And suddenly the updated one you bought last year doesn’t look so hot anymore.  Hard to keep up.


And how about the first ever all electric airplane that’s been flying flawlessly for awhile?  I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more and more of those.


And then consider taking a drone flight to get to work in the morning and flying over the traffic jam below.  A LYFT-UBER AIRCRAFT has 13,000 folks signing up to do just that.  I’M guessing like the Lyft or Uber car you bring on your app you get to decide if you like your pilot or not?



I don’t think the Uber-Plane will get you to Hawaii yet but it’s a good time to go if you’re looking to visit the islands.  Some airfare right now to Hawaii is listed at $278 round trip!  Wow.  Makes me want to go back.  I’ve only been once, but I thought it was the greenest place (outside of Ireland) that I had ever visited.  And my wife and I only saw Oahu and Maui.  It is most surely a trip worth taking at least once in your lifetime. 


We went long enough ago that we actually saw the late Don Ho sing “Tiny Bubbles” on stage.  If you go to Oahu do go to the back of the island and see the big surf waves and visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.  My wife and I got up and danced Hawaiian style sort of twirled those cotton balls on the end of strings.  You had to be there.


And certainly visit Pearl Harbor too.  Memorable.


And if you go to Maui?  Just sit out on a beach chair and do nothing and soak up the beauty.



Conde Naste just listed their 50 MOST BEAUTIFUL CITIES in the world.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing 7 of those on the list.  Lucerne, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Venice and Florence Italy, New York, Rome and Dublin, Ireland. 


Only one other US city was named in the list and I’ve somehow not set foot in Charleston, South Carolina yet.  So that’s on the list.


And in 2022 I’ll be a Danube River Cruise with stops in two more of the cities listed, Budapest and Vienna.  So I still have a LOT of beautiful places to see…as we all do.



Man, I can put off Christmas shopping with the best of them.  But tomorrow I’m throwing myself into the middle of it to get those Christmas things done.  My wife has been trying to get me in the mood with gingerbread cookies she’s been making.  So good. 


I did read where online chats with Santa might be as popular as a visit to see the guy in a mall.  Maybe I can boot him up and ask him to do my Christmas shopping for me.



Off to write with Brit Taylor, a great young “country” female artist who is about to roll out her first album.  She’s a Kentucky girl and you can hear that in her voice when she sings…and I like that a lot.  I wonder if she knows what the Kentucky state fish is?  I’ll ask.


Have a great Thursday!













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