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Bluegrass Songs...Happy Birthday Dean...Skydiving On Purpose

Dec 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Woke up this morning that Knoxville...about 3 hours east of us had two earthquakes yesterday.  Nothing moved here.  Wonder if any of the moonshine jars fell of the shelves in Gatlinburg?



It was a pleasure to once again sit and write with my friend Irene Kelley.  Besides writing a new song at her kitchen table I got to hear a couple of the songs we first wrote that's going on her new album out soon.  She surprised me as I heard Darin & Brooke Aldridge singing the harmony parts on both of our songs that sounded so great.  Darin and Brooke are the bluegrass husband and wife team who have recorded five of my songs over they years including this ONE that I wrote with Lisa Shaffer.  So that was such a nice bonus to the new tune we penned yesterday.


And I also found out that it looks like Irene and myself have landed on the same show for the first time.  This one will be in Branson, Missouri May 31, June 1 and June 2 as part of the Billy Yates Songwriter Series at the Americana Theater on the main drag in Branson.  So needless to say I'm looking forward to sharing the stage with my new talented friend for the first time.



My second Mom back in Missouri and former booking agent Dean Raymer is celebrating a birthday today.  Man the stories the two of us have shared through the years.  She's truly one of the biggest blessings I have in my life.  Her friendship and love has just been there almost since we first met way back in the day when I had a band and she decided to book us.  Dean...I love ya.  Happy Birthday.



Some one here in Nashville is proposing they rename our International Airport after Oprah Winfrey who's from Nashville.  Those in the know say it won't happen.  Cracker Barrel is based here.  I'd go for Cracker Barrel International myself over the "Big O Airport".  Line up rocking chairs and big old checker games in the terminal and I'd be good to fly.



I don't mind that they recalled lettuce.  Not a bit.  But now they are recalling Jimmy Dean link sausages.  Good grief.  Taken your time on the greens boys...but hurry up and fix my sausage links will ya?



Since I can't eat the sausage...maybe I'll take advantage of that $1 for dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts today that they are offering.  Read the fine print.  You have to pay for a dozen...then you get a second dozen for a buck.  24 hot glazed round pieces of sugar.  Or as I call it...health food.  How can ya not do that?!



They say gas prices are going even lower.  I can fill up for about 2.07 per gallon in some places already.  Could we possibly see it below 2 bucks?  Anyone driving a motor home or big ole truck is celebrating big time right now.  Truck sales are already through the roof.  Lower gas prices will make them even hotter. 


Now...I would not mind having a pickup truck.  I grew up learning to drive on gravel roads in my Dad's old Ford F-150 with a camper top on the back.  A truck today could set you back 40-70 thousand dollars!  A danged truck.  If I could afford one...I'd never let that bad boy get dirty...which is what I remember trucks being when I was young.  Out on farmland...mud...dirt...dents...rust...working trucks.  Not so much anymore. 



The Denver Broncos look to be having robots that can pour beers at the stadium for Denver Bronco fans.  A robot...pouring a Bud Light.  We're getting closer and closer to those Star Wars bars we saw in the movie me thinks. 



A 102 year old lady in Australia just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane...on purpose.  She skydived.  She just beat George Bush who did that in his 90's.  I think I would do that...once.  But I don't want to wait til 102...or hope I'm gonna make 102 to do that.  Nope.


There was a link to that article about her I was reading which provided "Top Tips For First Time Skydivers".  Without reading it...I gotta bet that one of the tips was...."do not forget to pull the cord". 



Back to the songwriting table with my friend the "George Quacker" Gerald Smith today.  And that will clear the "gotta do" list for most of the week except for getting my Christmas shopping done.  My wife is so tough to buy for.  Wonder how she'd feel about jumping out of a plane?


Have a great Wednesday!


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