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Three Rhymers...Looking for My Glove...Snakes Crawl

Dec 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day again.



I had the pleasure of sitting down with both Sydni Perry & Josh Shilling at the same time at my publishing company Billy Blue.  Both are just so talented and I always feel blessed to be dropped into a room with folks like that to create.  And yesterday Sydni brought a great personal thought to write about and we did.  Josh plays both guitar and piano (plays on a lot of sessions) so he found a great melody on piano that fit the lyrics and thoughts that started spilling out of the conversation we had with Sydni.


The great thing is, I looked at after it was finished and realized with the change of the opening line the song will also work as a Christian song.  So in essence we got two songs in one session. 


Josh is on break for the rest of the year from touring with Mountain Heart, and Sydni is off the road for quite awhile from singing high harmony and playing fiddle for Carrie Underwood.  Josh will play on a lot of recording sessions in the off season, and Syndi will spend some more time writing songs until Carrie calls again.  Pretty much everyone is off the road for a while during the holiday season me included so we’re all making good creative use of the free time.



My daughter got me into watching the Mandalorian that’s on Disney Plus right now and last night I caught up on that Star Wars story.  No wonder the “Baby Yoda” is THE hot Christmas toy right now.  If you like Star Wars you’ll love this series too.  I can’t get over how the Mandalorian sounds so much like Clint Eastwood…even though it’s another actor in the metal suit.



So I went digging through my garage yesterday trying to find my baseball glove after hearing the Yankees signed pitcher Gerrit Cole to a 324 MILLION dollar contract over 9 years.  On a good day my fastball might clock 20 mph.  Wonder if the Yanks need another pitcher?


The best part of all of that is here’s a young man who gets to play a game he’d probably play for free and get wealthy doing it…playing a game.  Hard to beat that.


And this morning I also read that MAC is rolling out some kind of computer that costs $60,000.  I thought, who could afford that until I read the Gerrit Cole story.



And I STILL have not gotten to it.  Geez.  I finally came up with an idea or two at least for my wife.  So I’ll make those purchases and then comes the greatest Christmas fear of all for guys…trying to wrap it.  Mine are distinctive.  The tools I need?  Scissors, and duct tape.  She calls it awful…I call it tradition. 



For kids one can buy a plastic toolbox full of plastic tools.  Great idea.  Teach them to fix imaginary things at 3 or 4 and then start having them fix your plumbing and electrical problems from age 5 on.  Pay them in Monopoly money and they’ll be thrilled until they get a little older and figure out what you’re doing.  Consider this my Christmas gift to you this season.



Pillsbury now has a cookie mix with Lucky Charms marshmallows mixed in the ingredients.  Yes!  I don’t know why Lucky Charms doesn’t just get rid of the rest of the cereal in the box and leave only the marshmallows.  Health food for breakfast.



Apparently those who work in AI (Artificial Intelligence) have landed in the top salary gig for new folks.  $140,000 a year or more.  According to Barrons the top 5 jobs are pretty much engineering jobs.  For years some have accused me of having artificial intelligence, but nobody every paid me that much for it.  Sigh.



The list is out from those Travel folks who sit around and make up lists of the Top 50 cities to visit in 2020 around the world.  Six cities from the US were named.  They are: Asheville, NC, the Big Island of Hawaii, Boston, Oklahoma City and pretty much any town in the state of Maine apparently.  Hard for me to believe that Fargo in the winter did not make the list.


If you’re curious…here’s the COMPLETE LIST.



Did you know that Amsterdam has a bicycle mayor?  They do.  And they need one.  I was there last year with my wife as Amsterdam was the city we flew in (right over the top of the windmills) to start a Rhine River Cruise in Europe.  We spent a couple of days there and you get a warning when you come off the cruise ship to look both ways for bicycles.  I have never seen so many bikes in my life.  They make rush hour traffic here in Nashville seem tame.  Katelijne Boerma…the Mayor suggests that bikes can save the world and help reduce pollution.  It can also help with the growing population by getting rid of some pedestrians who are not looking when they cross those bike paths.  So she may be right.



I’m off to write with Gerald Smith who I just did three songwriter shows with last weekend in Branson with Billy Yates at Billy’s great “Choices Concert Hall” there.  Billy is producing the next Charley Pride album after doing one for Charley a couple of years ago and he’s looking for songs.  So today we’ll try to write something good enough to put on the pile of songs that Charley and Billy will be listening too.  Odds are always long when you’re specifically targeting an artist but even if it doesn’t work out it will surely be fun writing something in that kind of groove and spirit.


Charley is in his 80’s now but still sings great.  And I remember being an 18 or 19 year old kind working on air at KPCR in Bowling Green, Missouri…all 1,000 watts of it from cow pasture when Charley’s first single came in.  We wore out “Snakes Crawl At Night” like radio stations all across the country did.  And it wasn’t until later that RCA let everyone know that Charley was a black man singing country music.  They were afraid radio would not play him back then if they knew.  I like to think that’s not true.  But someday Charley’s life will make a great movie I’m sure.


Have a great Wednesday!


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