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Swing It...Baby Names...Shows Ahead

Dec 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning is bringing rain and colder temps.  And maybe some of that four- letter word the south is not comfortable with.  S N O W.  If we do get any it won’t be much, but even “Not Much” will be enough to shut down a lot of schools today.  We don’t do snow well here.



I wrote a new western swing song with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at their place from which they are moving in a few weeks. We’ve done a lot of writing in that place, and I’m hoping the magic will move to their new house they’ll be in the next time I sit down to write with them.  Jenny is from Nashville, but loves Texas so we’ve written a couple of cowboy songs for her including “I Know Some Cowboys”.  Click on and watch a “live” performance of that if you’d like. And the one yesterday is just a flat out good ole fun western swing tune that we’ve added to her pile of tunes to consider for her next album.


Jenny had some big news yesterday WHILE we were writing which made us stop to celebrate.  Rolling Stone Country named her album “Welcome To The Neighborhood” as one of the Top 40 albums of the year!  And this REVIEW really captured who she is and what her music is all about.  I’m happy that more and more folks are starting to discover her for sure. Click on the link and scroll down to album #24 to



Yesterday I blogged about how great the new Star Wars ride looks to be at Disney World.  It now comes with this warning, “could cause seizures”.  Yikes.  Add that to other warnings for your heart, nausea etc. that comes with some of the bigger rides and it may give you pause.  Heck, some folks probably get seasick on “It’s A Small World”.  Or have to change their pants after that first drop on the Tower of Terror.  So before you board in Mickey Land…check your vitals.



Kanye West has sneakers made by Luis Vuitton. The good news is they have the best resale value of all sneakers right now.


The bad news is it will cost you $30,000 to own a pair.  Uh…no.  But I do wish this 6 buck Crocs I bought would gain value.



Here are the most popular baby names for 2019.


GIRLS:  Sophia, Ava, Emma and the number one choice was Olivia.


BOYS:  Oliver, Elijah, Noah and number one was Liam.


Interesting how times have changed.  My Mom’s name was Madge.  I had an uncle named Lucian.  When’s the last time you met a Madge or a Lucian?



There’s a new game that allows you to play Jesus.  Haven’t we all wanted to do that?  The video game is titled “I Am Jesus Christ” and it’s actually interesting.  Check out a sneak peek at what it looks like HERE.


One of my favorite songwriter songs was written by Chuck Cannon here in town many years ago titled “If I Was Jesus”.  Here’s a really fun “live” performance of that…and the set up joke to get to this song is as funny as the song itself. 



I’ve got a little off time before shows start to crank up in 2020.  My next show will be with my “Hits & Grins” trio that includes Steve Dean (who celebrated a birthday yesterday!) and Victoria Venier on Saturday night January 25. That will be at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant in the beautiful town of Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.  It always sells out so you’ll need to make a reservation.  They have great food there and it’s a wonderful listening room so come join us if you can.


February 7

I’m in Huntsville, Alabama for great Trop Rock show with Brent Burns and Jim Parker and one other at Jim’s great songwriter series at the Von Braun Center...a beautiful theater. 


February 8

It’s South Pittsburgh, Tennessee near Chattanooga with our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me.


February 13

Our “Evening In The Round” show will be in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a return engagement there that will include Brent Burns.


February 20-21

Little Rock with “Freedom Sings USA” writing songs with our veterans.


All of the details on these upcoming shows and other are available on my website here.



Josh Shilling, Sydni Perry and myself will write together for the first time.  I’ve written several times with them separately but this will be the first time the three of us write.  Everyone’s road seasons are winding down.  Sydni is off the road from the Carrie Underwood tour for a while as Josh is with his great group Mountain Heart.  I suspect there could be some great chemistry in the room today…at least I hope so.  I know for sure it will be fun with these two creative folks.


Have a great Tuesday!








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