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Binge Watching...Danube Cruising...Cowboy Christmas

Dec 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I still need to shop for Christmas.  Dang.



I took advantage of not having any performance dates on my calendar in a while and chilled out.  Watched football, actually did a little preliminary Christmas shopping got in a couple walks as the weather is nice here in the South with a 66 degree high on tap here today in the middle south.


My wife and I did binge watch more than half of the season of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime this weekend.  It’s season 2 and this continues to be one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long long while.  The writing alone for me makes it “must watch” and the pacing, the actors are all more than first rate in this story of a young lady raised in New York with a couple of kids decides to become a smart mouth stand up comedian. 


If you’ve not watched, DON’T if you are offended by very raw language and or sexual references.  It will not be your thing.  But if you like adult smart stuff…check it out. It’s become a critic’s favorite too.


And I do like how technology enhances the experience on some of the shows we’re able to pull up.  On “Mrs. Maisel” they choose great music that weaves in and out…and if I want to know who’s singing what…I just look at my Smart Phone and it pops up on the phone screen to inform me. And since one of the main characters is a bandstand crooner…it’s nice to be informed about where they pulled music from.



I did get some hard dates on the Danube River Cruise I’ll be part of with Brent Burns and one other Trop Rock artist to be named.  The dates are July 4-21 in 2021.  So, lots of time to save up and think about going with us over in Europe down the beautiful Danube.  More details coming soon including the cities we’ll stop and see.  And we’ll play “live’ on board one of the Emerald Waterway ships more than once as we’re floating by some beautiful sights.  Stay tuned.



My daughter is creatively talented in a lot of areas.  Bragging I know, but she can sing, make those high-end cakes you see on TV and is a darned good photographer and videographer.  What she can do with editing and film is way beyond my reach.  I want to share her You Tube Disney Channel that’s at this LINK.  Just click on…and wait for a couple of minutes and then watch her tour our Nashville Zoo with her camera at “Illuminations”.  Chinese Lanterns are lit up in the shape of animals and buildings and more and Heather’s You Tube Channel Video will make you feel like you’re walking through it as if you were there yourself. Pretty amazing.


And yes, the opening you see was shot and produced by her too.  Making me go, "how the heck did she do that"?



My daughter is a big Disney fan too, as you’ll see if you watch her You Tube Channel.  Here Dad is too.  And after watching this VIDEO of the new Star Wars attraction ride?  I’m looking at how to afford tickets to go back to Disney World to check it out.  Can’t wait for the new movie out in a couple of weeks.  I’m going to take my light saber and whack anyone who leaves his or her cell phone on in the movie.



If you’ve not seen the “Christmas Chronicles” with Kurt Russell as Santa on Neflix do yourself a favorite and watch.  It’s a really nice new Christmas movie.  So good in fact that there will be a sequel our next Christmas with Kurt and Goldie Hawn.  Wonder if we can’t somehow get Jim Carrey to do a “Grinch” sequel?



The new Wonder Woman movie looks pretty spectacular too in this TRAILER.  All these Superheroes and yet no director has decided to do a “live” action superhero movie on Underdog?  C’mon! 



A United Airline flight didn’t have “Snakes On Board” but there was a scorpion.  And of course it bit a passenger.  Where was a service dog when you needed him?  Please close the over head bins and watch out for scorpions!



Wal Mart issued an apology for their Santa Cocaine Sweater.  Some refer to cocaine as “snow”…so there’s that.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen Santa ski on a hill of cocaine until now. 



“Woman Needs Teeth For Christmas After Swallowing Dentures Eating Mince Pie”.  And now all I can hear in my head is “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”.


And where the heck does one buy a mince pie?



Back at the songwriting table with my friends Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman.  We’ll be working up on finishing a song we started a few weeks ago.  And we’ll be able to celebrate some nice critical reviews that have popped up for the Christmas tune we wrote together that Jenny released this Christmas season “I Want A Cowboy For Christmas”.  We might have to toast that with hot chocolate today.


Have a great Monday!






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