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WSM...Australia Bluegrass...and Pearl

Dec 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Friday in December…here we go.



I had no time to post a blog yesterday as I got called in at the last second to fill in for Hall of Famer Bill Cody on 650AM WSM radio.  His co-host Charlie Mattos was also not there as Charlie was in Muncie, Indiana to cover the Lady Commodores basketball team from Vanderbilt who had a game against Ball State last night.  So it was me and my friend Frank Seres covering for the two of them…although Charlie did join us on the phone to cover the sports yesterday morning.


It turned out to be a very fun show as my friend Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard dropped when I texted them at the last second.  We played Jenny’s new single “You’re The Rock N’ Roll To My Country Soul” and the did two songs “live” in studio…one of which was a song the three of us have written together that Dave told me they are taking into the studio to record next week.  Good to hear.  Jenny did a video of the song that’s being played on CMT right now.  If you’ve not checked it out…here’s that VIDEO shot in kind of a retro form at a bowling alley.  Very fun.


And about the time they left Dave Innis the keyboard player from the group Restless Heart sat down.  The group had a sold out Christmas show in town last night so we played a version of “The Little Drummer Boy” the group recorded a few years ago.  They actually recorded it twice…but the interesting version is an acoustic version of that song with no DRUMS on it.  Little Drummer Boy with no drums?  We had a lot of fun asking Dave about that.


My thanks to my old musician friend Frank Seres for making my job so easy yesterday.  Frank had an interesting story about one of his daughters he shared with me.  Frank has 5 musical daughters…one of them took voice lessons with my daughter Heather years ago when she was little.  She’s 17 now.  Geez.


But the one grown up daughter who lives in Dallas has a really interesting career.  She plays piano…self-taught…and she’s in a little group that plays music for silent films in theaters…on college campuses.  Apparently it’s become a “thing” for college kids.  So while Buster Keeton is up on the black and white screen…she and her group are on stage making music.  I’d go see that if I were close.


If you listened in yesterday morning…thank you for doing so.  And…I’ll be back on air this Monday night 7-Midnight on WSM filling in for yet another radio Hall of Famer Eddie Stubbs.  Tune in worldwide if you can Monday night at wsmonline.com 



Yesterday afternoon I had a writing appointment with my old friend Rick Tiger who at one point in his Nashville career parked cars at the Opryland Hotel where the WSM studios are located.  That’s how we met.  I was on air…he was parking cars.  And now we write together.  Rick and his wife Joyce travel all over the country doing lots of house concerts and small theaters.  He’s a great storyteller and Rick’s songs are great.  This is one of my favorite SONGS of his if you’d care to listen. 


Songwriting with old friends is as much about catching up and conversation as it is the writing of a song.  Yesterday I got both…a lot of great conversation…and a great new bluegrass-gospel song.  That’s a pretty good session.



It is Pearl Harbor Day.  May we never forget.  I did not know until I read this article that Elvis Presley in 1961 raised $54,000 to help build the Arizona Memorial that many of us have visited in Hawaii to honor those sailors lost that fateful day.  It’s worth a trip over for sure to experience that.


Elvis was stationed near Berlin, Germany when he was in the Army.  Folks there thought so much of “The King” that they have installed Elvis pedestrian lights letting you know when to walk or not walk…or when to shake your hips for that matter.  Hard to beat that.



Now that we have a son in law in the Army who’s a crew chief on choppers in Fort Campbell we find ourselves worrying about him every time he’s gone.  Last night we were more than pleased to hear of his safe return from Afghanistan.  His second time over already.  We are thankful he’s back knowing it will be a merrier Christmas now knowing he’ll be with his wife and our daughter to celebrate the holiday. 



I did see part of the Titans football game against Jacksonville last night.  I turned it on at the right time as running back Derrick Henry tied and all time NFL record running 99 yards and stiff-arming dudes all the way down the field.  One of the best runs I’ve ever seen.  They’ll replay that lots and lots of times.  But if you missed it…check out this rumbling stumbling stiff arm PLAY for the ages.



Apparently Pillsbury is pumping cinnamon roll smells into some theaters.  I don’t know if that’s designed to just make the room smell better…or if it’s designed to make us get up out of our reclining theater seats to go get a hot cinnamon roll.  I’m betting the latter.



I’m off to write with Jerry Salley and Kristy Cox the Australian country music artist who’s up for two Golden Guitar Awards this year in Australia for Female Vocalist and Best Single of the Year.  The Golden Guitars in Australia are the equivalent of a CMA Award here in the states so good for Kristy!  She’s working towards her next album and we’ll be trying to write and up-tempo bluegrass song for her that might fit this project.  So that will be fun.


And then the weekend is here and I have GOT to turn my attention towards Christmas.  I’ve got to come up with something my wife will like better than last years’s gift.  Although, I would have sworn she would have loved that Platinum Game Play card I gave her that allows her to play Skee Ball for free in front of the rat band at that place for the rest of her life.  She has no sense of humor.


Have a great weekend!




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