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Writing...Zoo Lights...The Danube

Dec 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First Friday in December…and here comes the weekend.



My songwriting appointment was with Dennis K. Duff who drove down from Kentucky with a mountain song of an idea that we wrote.  It’s always great when your co-writer brings an idea.  And since I’m part of a publishing company that owns Billy Blue …a bluegrass record label it’s always a good thing to add another song like that to the catalog. Plus, it’s always fun to visit with Dennis who just retired from his full time job and can now write as many tunes as he wants to.  Time well spent yesterday.



My little family went to see “Zoolumintation” at our Nashville Zoo last night.  It was in the 50’s and the crowds were not huge so we had a great time oohing and awing at all the Chinese lanterns of animals and pagodas and more that were dotted all over our beautiful little zoo here.  The lantern animals were full size.  Elephants, giraffes, zebras, flamingos…you name it.  A group of Chinese artists flew over from the city of Zigong to put this all together and I would highly recommend going if they ever do this near you.  Just a nice new Christmas kind of thing to do.  Click on the ink and you'll see how cool the experience is.


Our zoo is small but really cool and right now is in a major expansion role.  As the city of Nashville continues to grow…so will our Zoo.  When completed it should really be something.



Getting closer to announcing a Danube River Cruise with my friend Brent Burns and one other Trop Rock artist. That cruise will be slotted for 2022 and should be spectacular.  After doing the Rhine River Cruise with Brent I can’t wait to check out Budapest and Vienna and some other German cities we missed on the last cruise.  2022 give you time to really consider going with us…and save up so that you can be on board for the concerts and the sightseeing.  Can’t wait.



The magazine High Times may shut down.  This on the heels of the news about Willie Nelson claiming he’s not going to smoke weed anymore.  Just a coincidence right?


Papa Johns is rolling out the “American Pizza”.  Each slice has hot dogs in it.  How am I not going to have to try at least one slice of that?



In Asia they are opening a restaurant that serves airline food.  For real. I can’t imagine that enough people love airplane food to keep it in business…but we’ll see.  To keep it realistic I surely hope that folks have to sit in tiny seats with a pull down tray with plastic utensils that won’t cut through the chicken.



I’ve got no shopping done.  None.  So turning my attention to Christmas is a must.  I have a long free weekend in front of me…so here we go.


So far, I have no Christmas parties to attend.  And admittedly I’m not a big Christmas ugly sweater party kind of guy.  I’d rather sit home and watch the Grinch on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate for the most part.  And after years of attending office Christmas parties…I don’t feel like I’m missing a lot.


I like Christmas music.  And that brings me to a surprise Christmas song that Taylor Swift dropped yesterday on the public titled “Christmas Tree Farm”.  The video allows her fans to see her as a small girl during the most magical time of the year.


 It's hard to pick a favorite Christmas song.  I like the classics for sure.  “White Christmas” by BingNat King Cole’s “Christmas Song” etc.


Of newer Christmas songs I do love “New Kid In Town”…but it’s really hard to beat the classics.


Back to the shopping thing…HGTV put out a list of affordable cool things for Christmas.  I look at these and rarely see anything that lights up my Christmas lights.  But who would not want an electric corkscrew for Christmas?  You can see it HERE along with all their other suggestions.



I guess they must constantly be hiring new bull jumpers in Spain.  Surely there’s a big turnover in a job that requires you to get out into a ring with an angry bull that will charge at you.  Your job is to jump OVER the charging bull.  I’d love to see the Want Ad for that job.



It’s the start of a nothing much to do 3 day weekend.  And I’m really good with that.  Now, what’s that website again for ordering an electric corkscrew?


Have a great weekend!

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