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Christmas Rhyming...Full Week On WSM...and Squat Thrusting

First hump day in December...and a chilly one at that with 48 being the high in Music City today.  Doctors are warning of a goosebump outbreak soon.



I spent some time on Music Row yesterday rhyming with Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith...and we wound up writing a very fun Christmas song that we are later going to convert into a non-Christmas song too if that makes sense.  Gerald brought a very fun Christmas melody with him...and I had this funny title stowed away that fit perfectly into the melody scheme.  Always fun to sit in a room with a couple of other folks and hear laughter as a song is being constructed.  Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a cloudy Tuesday for sure.



My writing assignment for my folks yesterday in New York also had to do with Christmas as they needed a Christmas Office Party song.  So we took the Sam Hunt hit "House Party" and converted that into "Office Party".  One of those cautionary reminder songs about not drinking too much at the company party unless you want to find yourself looking for another office job in 2018.  A reminder...do not sit on the scanner and send copies of that to anyone.  Nobody need to be seeing that.






I got word yesterday that I'll be doing the morning show ALL week next week on 650 AM WSM as the regular host Bill Cody is going to take the entire week off.  So...I'll be up early working with Charlie Mattos on air which is always fun too.  So...listen in some next week if you can.  The show is on 5:30-10 AM and is heard worldwide at wsmonline.com...AND...if you get Heartland TV...you can actually watch two grown men drinking large amounts of coffee while doing that "radio" thang.  I'm sure we'll have some special guests dropping into our studio next week inside the Opryland Hotel.  I'll share the guest list here soon as I get it.





Well...apparently we'll be able to have wine delivered to our door from Pizza hut along with that medium meat eaters pizza.  Wine seems a tad uppity to me for pizza.  Beer would make better sense...but what do I know?  So I guess the kid that delivers will have his hand out not only for a tip...but for and ID too?



Shocking...but apparently some athletes are still doping.  Like most of the Russian Winter Olympic team apparently as they've been banned from participating this go around in South Korea.  So no possible repeat of a "Miracle On Ice" because the Russian team will not be there.  Of course with what's going on right now just across the South Korean border...if you had to miss an Olympic...this might be such a bad one to skip over. 



Meanwhile not too far from Korea...in Shanghai...the world's largest Starbucks is going to open soon.  How big?  30,000 square feet of big.  Wow.  I'm not sure if they're installing some bowling lanes that will let you get jacked up and then try to knock down a 7-10 split or what...but that's a lot of space for coffee drinkers. 






I read that doing 100 squats a day is good for you?  If I did 100 squats just ONE day I guarantee that during one of those down and ups I'd be staying down...and would be unable to get up! 


And why is it always "squats" that folks are doing.  Back in PE class at good ole Elsberry High I remember doing "squat thrusts".  Anyone else?  That doesn't even sound legal does it?  Let's do some squat thrusts?  I'm not sure which part of that is wrong...the squat part or the thrust part. 



One of the first Mustangs to ever roll off of an assembly line was lime green.  Apparently a Mother-Son bought it if I read the story right and the car just kind of disappeared until recently.  It's now worth 7 MILLION bucks.  The first Mustang was out in 1964.  They had it on display at the Montgomery County Fair that year...I remember seeing it as a boy.  The cost to buy that first year Mustang new was $2,368 total!  Should have bought one of those instead of a first year Ford Pinto. 



The advice for your best chances of surviving a plane crash include getting a seat in the back of the plane.  More folks survive percentage wise by being in the back of the plane.   And...get an outside row seat.  Makes sense...ya get out a bit quicker.  And don't forget to stow a parachute underneath the seat in front of you. 



Now some fools have come up with downhill racing in those Barbie Jeeps.  Can't make this stuff up folks.  Take a look for yourself HERE and sign up.  Or not.



Off to write with Gary Cavanaugh...a transplanted ex teacher from Colorado who's spending the back end of his life writing songs...mostly for the fun of it.  Works for me.


Have a great Wednesday!


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