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Dec 4 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bags packed…8 hours to Music City.



Gerald Smith and I wrapped up our three-show run at the “Choices” Theater here in Branson that Billy Yates is in charge of.  At our last matinee show to close this run out Heath Wright of Ricochet was nice enough to drop by, listen and even got up with us to sing a great Cowboy song.  So that was a bonus on a great trip.


This was my 4th time of doing this for Billy, and I’ll come back anytime he asks.  Next week will wrap up his 2019 season and then it will kick back up again in late September of 2020.  That will be an extremely busy time for me full of road dates, but certainly I’m hoping to fit at least one run next season with Billy and whatever other songwriter he puts up on stage with us.


Thank you to Billy for the hospitality and opportunity and Sid Pierce for the magnificent sound work all week long.  Just a pleasure guys.


Homeward bound…regular blog returns here tomorrow from Nashville.


Have a great Wednesday!

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