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Branson...Christmas Stuff...Mashed Taters

Dec 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here it is December!  And I’m in Branson this morning.



Gerald Smith my songwriter buddy and I made an 8-hour drive or so from Nashville through parts of Kentucky before finally rolling over bridges that span both the Ohio and Mississippi rivers before entering my home state of Missouri.  We had a ton of rain, fog, lightning before things finally cleared up a bit near Branson where they tell me they had a lot of rain the day before.  We saw it standing out in the farmlands and Mississippi river bottom on the way into town. But we made it in in time to catch a couple of the big college football games including an exciting Iron Bowl between rivals Alabama and Auburn that went down to the wire with a War Eagle upset. We grabbed dinner at a Sports Bar and watched some of the later games and heard a lot of loud whooping from folks in there every time Oklahoma scored a TD against Oklahoma State.  A pretty good way to end a long Saturday back in the Show Me State.



And got our first of three shows under our belts with a 2 pm show yesterday with Billy Yates at his “Choices Theater” here in Branson.  Billy has the biggest club here in Branson with a huge dance floor, but the building is also set up for songwriter shows and concerts.  It was fun hearing Gerald Smith sing “What Part Of No” that was a number one song for Lori Morgan, and always a treat to hear Billy tell stories about the late George Jones who recorded several of his tunes including Rocking Chair.  I keep telling Billy his theater should be filled with nothing but rocking chairs to sit and rock while we play.  He won't listen.



Today be Cyber Monday.  Deal shopping time online.  For Christmas one can get 30% off on candles, gingerbread houses, chocolate bars, toys and cookies.  So I sign on my computer and immediatedly a rude crowd gathers around my Mac and starts pushing and shoving.  Sigh.



Ole Rudolph is still shining bright.  A new survey reveals our favorite Christmas movie of all time is Rudolph Tjhe Red Nose Reindeer.  Classic.  Gene Autry had the hit.  He didn't like the song and his wife literally made him record the song.  Nothing like a good wife.


Hard to pick a favorite Christmas movie.  But a rough top 5 for me would be:


White Christmas, The Polar Express, The Bishops Wife...the original with Carey Grant and David Niven, The Grinch and Holiday Inn.  How bout you?



If you’ve have a superhero addict in the family you can buy one of the Batman and Robin costumes from the old 1960’s  TV show as they are up for auction.  They are the last of those worn by the actors on that show and you can get them for about $200,000 if you’re lucky.  A Batmobile phone from that old TV show recently fetched $50,000.  Wow. Those costumes are gonna ge a tough sell to my wife.  Now maybe if the Underdog cape ever goes up for sale…



Have you seen this comedians 60 second re-cap of the “Christmas Story”? No need to sit for hours to watch a Christmas classic anymore apparently.



Now they’ve added one that will take even longer to play.  In fact, according to this ARTICLE it takes FOREVER to complete this version.  Stock up on milk, eggs and bread if you’re going to sit down and tackle Boardwalk with this bad boy.


This is why I stick to Chutes and Ladders. 



And since we are now getting geared up for old Santa big time let me share this Christmas song I helped write on sunny summer day a few years ago at my house with Bobby Tomberlin and Linda Davis.  Linda recorded a Christmas album with her family when her two daughters were very young and put this song on it.  Turn on your fireplace and listen to “Snowed In Christmas”. What's really cool about this version I'm sharing is that it's a version that was put on a compilation album for many country artists Christmas songs.  Every copy they sold raised money for a great charity and helped make a merrier Christmas for some other folks. 



Someone loves that new Tesla Truck you’ve been reading about so much they made one with mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.  Sort of like that scene in Close Encounters all over again…sorta.  If you cover it with gravy I’m thinking it would look like it ran into an oil spill.



Australia has just rolled out high definition cameras designed to spot motorist on their cell phones while driving. And then comes your ticket in the mail.  You’re welcome. 



I think the folks at Mentos are missing a marketing opportunity.  Why have they not rolled out an impeach-Mint yet?!



Show number two coming up in Branson at 2 pm today. Have a great Cyber Monday!









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