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Cowboy Christmas...More Cows...More Beach

Nov 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Warm and rainy in Music City as we get ready to roll into the weekend and a brand new month.



My writing appointment was with Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman yesterday and they surprised me with a “cowboy” Christmas song idea they had.  Jenny has been touring Texas and Oklahoma lately with Dave…and they’ve sort of caught cowboy fever as the last time we wrote we tackled a very Texas cowboy kind of idea that they took with them on the road and performed…and it went over big time with the cowboys they sang it too apparently.


So…on a cloudy Nashvillle Thursday we wrote a little cowboy waltz Christmas song that has cowboy harmony all over the sing-able chorus.  Always always fun writing with these two and catching up on their busy creative lives.


Jenny shared with me a pretty cool article that THE BOOT just did on her.  Click on the link to find out a little more about this young artist you’ve seen me blog about numerous times.



When I write with younger millennials like Jenny I get constant reminders that their generation never heard of a lot of things and peoples and icons that I grew up with.  As we were writing about a cowboy yesterday the Marlboro Man came up as we were trying to describe a rugged cowboy.  Jenny had no idea who that was.  Of course she didn’t. 


Those kinds of moments always make me smile and remind me that they’re young and me?  Not so much.  Once I remembered that I did avoid saying Roy Rogers and Gene Autry to save us some time.



Yesterday I blogged about that GIGANTIC Holstein cow in Australia…”Knickers” that’s something like 6 feet tall.  I tweeted that “Chik Fila” surely is going to have this beast hold up their “Eat Mor Chiken” sign that we see on their TV commercials.  Guess what.  They tweeted back, “Don’t Mess With Him”.  Ya never know who’s peeking in at your stuff.


Now they have a new cow to consider as Canada is showing they have an even bigger danged cow!  Prepare yourself for lots more big bovine pictures in the future.



There’s a guy in New Jersey who rigged up a mechanical horse ride to work on.  And he’s dressed up a like a cowboy of course.  Why?  I dunno.  “Happy Trails” pardner.



Kylee Jenner…I think she’s the youngest of the Kardashian “look at me” empire books two hotel rooms already when she travels.  One for her…the other for her clothes.  And I’m betting her clothes get a better room than the one’s I sleep on when I’m on the road.  Pretty sure.



Wal-Mart is looking at opening Mental Health Clinics.  These will be in store clinics.  Look for someone who looks like THIS to help you.



I think I could make a lot of money if I can fund a newspaper that we call “Fake News”.  Just be honest up front.  Everything we print will be salacious but not true…fake news…guaranteed. We should make a fortune.  If you’d like to invest…just send your money to me and I’ll send you a receipt and your stock shares.  Keep in mind…this is fake news too.



“Thief Steals Laptop, Sends Apologetic E-Mail”.  Of course he did! 


Dear Sir…I’m sorry I stole your Apple Mac.  Could you give me your password?  Thank you.







No avoiding it.  Time to shop.  For guys looking for girls I saw a list of things for women that sell out quickly.  Cosmetic items, jewelry, jewelry boxes and a sleeping mask were all listed.  I guess I’ll take that lava lamp I got my wife back to Spencer’s Gifts.



Well…today I’m off to write with my Missouri pal Becky Denton who live in Paris…in Missouri not France and her hubby Wil Denton who’s a great musician too.  They’ve got a beach song out right now that’s getting some play in Australia and on beach internet radio stations titled “Two Bags One Beach”.  They’ve had so much success with this song that I think we’re talking about writing something a little “beachy” today.  Fine by me as it look gray and rain outside.  I’m loading up both my guitar and flip flops.


And tomorrow night I’m putting my lederhosen on (more fake news) and heading for an album release party for Lynn Marie and Eddie III at the Hofbrau House at Opry Mills here in Twang town.  Lynn just went into the Polka Hall of Fame in Cleveland last weekend so I’ll be looking for a tall stein to lift and toast her as she sings our song off the album “Celebrate”.  Germanfest in December…gotta love that.


Have a great weekend!






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