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Thanksgiving...Black Friday...Branson Ahead

Nov 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Anyone else got leftovers?



Well, it looked like a “Who Feast” around our table yesterday at Thanksgiving.  Just our little family with my wife, me, and our daughter Heather and her husband Casey who came down from Clarksville.  And this morning I feel stuffed more than the bird did yesterday.


Before leftovers in the evening we watched a couple of Disney things.  The “live” action Aladdin movie that Will Smith starred in as the Genie.  And then I saw the first episode from the new Disney Plus Channel “Mandalorian”.  That’s a Star Wars spinoff series that’s got a lot of buzz on it…and lot of it because there’s a baby Yoda in it.  And when I could…I caught a few glimpses of the football games that were on.


The football games were pretty good, Aladdin was fun, and I’ll be watching more of the Mandlorian series now that I’m hooked up to the new Disney Channel.


And I got texts and e-mails from lots of family and friends who were celebrating wherever they were yesterday. All in all a really great Thanksgiving around here.



Officially…the Christmas season is on!  And I know this to be a fact because this past Wednesday on Turkey Eve it was a madhouse already on the roads and in the stores.  And Black Friday is today!


I know for a fact that it’s Black Friday because at my Starbucks early this morning when often times I’m the only one in there reading and sipping it was crowded today.  And I was wondering why when a Mom and her two grown daughters took a table behind me and talked about the deals they were ready to snag at the Wal Mart across the street starting at 6 AM . So they were jacked up and amped up to hit the doors the minute they opened. 


Folks, if you’re going wear football pads.  You’re gonna need em’.


For the folks like me?  Thank God for Amazon Prime.



If you did not give thanks yesterday this VIDEO should make you want to do that and count your blessings every day. The video was played yesterday during the Bills-Cowboys game.  It’s a Happy Thanksgiving from former Bills QB Jim Kelly.  He and his wife lost a song at a young age.  Jim lost 4 Superbowls.  And today he battles cancer.  His heartfelt message of courage and of being thankful for what he has should inspire all of us.  Watch if you have not.



CNBC says there are four places one can retire outside the US and live comfortably on $30,000 per year.  Cities in Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, Mexico and in Medellin, Columbia are all there for cheap living.  My daughter who flew for American Airlines for 5 or 6 years has always told me how beautiful Medellin is in South America.  Those choices aren’t awful thoughts if you’re going to retire on a tight budget.



Kylie Jenner, one of the youngest of the bubble butt clan, has to spend $400,000 on security.  Nope.  I don’t see her retiring in one of those 5 cities I just mentioned.  She might BUY all five of them…but I don’t see her retiring there. 



Dieticians are now saying eating banana skins helps promote weight loss and will improve your sleep.  Just my luck, I eat potato skins and haven’t lost a pound and don’t sleep as sound as some do. 



Word is that Twitter may delete accounts of those who are not tweeting enough.  I tweet just enough so it won’t happen to me.  I don’t worry about Donald Trump’s account being deleted either.



This makes ya feel good about humankind.  A young waitress in Galveston did not let not having a car stop her from trying to make a living by serving Grand Slams and more at a Denny’s restaurant.  So she walked 14 miles to and from work everyday without complaining.  Customers noticed.  She was given a new car from them to her surprise.  How great is that?  Here’s the STORY if you haven’t seen this nice gesture.



It’s packing day once again.  I head out early tomorrow morning for Branson, Missouri once again where I’ll do three songwriter shows with host Billy Yates and my friend Gerald Smith.  The shows are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons at 2 pm at Billy’s new “Choices Theatre” in Branson.  This is my last run of what has been a really busy calendar year of dates and shows for which I’m grateful for. So once I get back from this?  It will be Christmas and getting ready for Christmas big time.



Look for my friend Victoria Venier from my “Hits & Grins” trio this Sunday during the Kansas City Chiefs football game.  She and her TnT Duo mate Tabitha Fair are going to be singing the National Anthem. Very cool. They will knock it out of the park for sure.


Have a great weekend!

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