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Midway...Upset...Turkey Eve

Nov 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thanksgiving Eve and all the giblets are hung…or maybe not.



I caught the movie Midway yesterday.  I love WW II history and knew this story fairly well.  Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson and other very recognizable actors are portraying some of those heroes.  For me?  It fell a little flat.  A little overacted at times, a little underacted at times.  Still, it was a fun couple of hours in the movie and I was reminded once again of the heroism our military folks have displayed through the years.  Not a bad way to spend part of my Tuesday.



This morning I throw on a hoodie thinking it’s going to be cold on Thanksgiving Eve as I head out to get coffee in a Starbucks Christmas cup.  When the garage door opened I got hit with a blast of warm air.  66 degrees at 5 AM in Nashville at the end of November.  Beats the heck out of all those winter “bomb cyclones” and snow they are calling for in a large part of the country.  I’d rather see my Turkey with sunglasses on as opposed to winter mittens.


And I just saw a weather advisory posted that warns all motorists today should keep both hands on the wheel because of gusty winds.  Okay then.



The new Brent Burns CD “My Jukebox On The Beach” is now available on line at CD Baby.  And this morning I want to share one of those songs.  This one was Brent’s idea.  He’d go around saying, “If Not Now When”?  Meaning, those things you say you wanna do?  You should do before it’s too late.  So we wrote Brent’s idea into a song and I’m really pleased with how it turned out and the message it conveys.  It turned out to be one of the favorites of the musicians who played on the new album.  So, click on that link and take a listen and then maybe think about scratching some things off your “wanna do” list before life runs out of road. 



I woke up this morning and saw that the number one team Duke got upset by Stephen F. Austin.  I’m not sure I ever heard of that school.  A MAJOR upset to say the least.  Wow.  And this is why they play the games.


I was scrolling through the Guide on my TV last night and saw that match up but never clicked on for a minute thinking it would just be a boring blow out.  And now this morning I’m searching for the video highlights.



First, a belated “Happy Birthday” to one of my best friends Linda Davis who celebrated yesterday.  I’m blessed to be part of the “Evening In The Round” show with her and her husband Lang Scott traveling all across the country.  I’m pretty sure there is no one on the planet that doesn’t love this talented lady.  Our next show together will be February 8 in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee located near Chattanooga.  It will be at the Princess Theatre and all those details for tickets etc. will be posted on my website calendar soon.


And it’s hard to believe but Tina Turner is 80 today!  And her legs still look like they’re only 30.  Her “Proud Mary”?  Still the best version ever.



Scientists point out that egg whites have melatonin and that helps induce sleep.  So, eat a hardboiled egg before bed each night.


Seems like a great idea but I had trouble sleeping because my skin kept getting irritated from all the egg shell peelings on the mattress.  Maybe a fried egg would be a better idea.



It’s getting ready for Thanksgiving time here and that means I’ll try and stay out of my wife Kathy’s way as a Turkey will be in the sink prepping for the oven…and more.  And tomorrow we’ll give thanks for so many blessings we have in our lives.  Save the drumsticks for me.


Have a great Wednesday!







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