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Co-Write Monday...New Orleans Gig...Hurricane Michael Benefit

Nov 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Just 33 for a high today in Music City. Time to put the trap door up on the long johns.



It was a very full and busy start to the week after the long Thanksgiving break that stared with an early morning breakfast meeting with a great friend and co-writer Jerry Salley  who was recently named the "Songwriter Of The Year" at IBMA Awards.  That's bluegrass y'all.  And we were joined by a new friend who heads up the publishing arm of a music company that specializes in gospel-bluegrass-Americana and now main stream country music too.  It’s looking like for the first time since I started writing songs seriously for the last 10-15 years that I could have a publishing home for the first time.  That will allow my catalog of songs to be exposed way more than it’s ever been before and could lead to some wonderful opportunities.  I’m excited to think about what could happen and I love the folks “in the building” as they would say.  It’s not a done deal yet…but I should have some more details and great news to pass along within the next few weeks. 



Once breakfast was over I had to find a Wi-Fi connection to send in a parody song to New York and United Stations.  The comedy head writers there noticed the plunging gas prices that we are all loving right now so I wrote about that yesterday in a Garth Brooks parody of “Friends In Low Places”.  This one is titled, “I Buy Gas At Low Prices”.  And somewhere this morning a country radio show or two should be playing it.



And then it was off to Music Row where I finished up a tune with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti at Curb Music.  It had been awhile since we had listened to what we had started a couple of months ago and sometimes that can be a good thing.  When you re-listen you hear things…and see things…and write differently than the session before.  In this case Lauren sat behind a piano for the first time…and Wil took our fairly simple melody we had in a completely different direction that improved the song at least two fold.  Really fun to hear a song come to life like this one did yesterday.  Both Wil and I are rooting hard for our young talented friend Lauren to get a break that she so richly deserves.  It’s just a pleasure to be in the same room when Lauren is singing.



So I’ve had that going on for a week.  I sound like a Harley mis-firing.  Enough!  So I got some prescription cough medicine from my Doctor yesterday and it does seem to be helping.  My question is, isn’t there a way to make that stuff taste good?  I know I’m not doing well when I go ahead and drink stuff that tastes that horrible.  Geez.  How bout a cough medicine that tastes like donuts?  C’mon!



I will be putting up a new date on my calendar here later today…New Orleans!  I’ll be at the Tropic Isle just off Bourbon Street with my buddy Brent Burns and one other writer Sunday January 20 for a big Parrot Head event called Pardis Gras.  It looks like in 2019 I’m going to be doing more Parrot Head events…playing for those folks who love tropical music and the beach.  I’m certainly excited to be added to this event that I’ve heard so much about.  And my guess is Brent and I will also schedule another performance in Gulf Shores around that date.  End of January and a run to the beach  That do not suck.



You hear Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Burl Ives and Dean Martin singing.  It’s pretty much the only time you hear those great crooners on the radio unfortunately.  With my Christmas colored Grande cup at Starbucks this morning I found myself smiling as I heard THOSE voices singing. 



I’ve become a fan of actor John C. Reilly who’s always the supporting actor…or at least in a lot of movies.  Think Will Ferrells buddy and his Watson to Holmes in their funny version of Sherlock Holmes that's on the way.…that’s John.  He is co-starring in an upcoming movie about Laurel & Hardy.  Look em’ up kids.  I’ll be going to see this one for sure.


I’m pretty sure a lot of comedians have studied the timing and comedy of that great duo.  This movie will give us a peek at who Stan and Laurel were off stage.



Lonely Planet just listed their Most Valuable Places To Travel…which I think means these are great places to travel to and these places won’t break the bank. 


Number one on their list is the Nile Valley in Egypt.

Number two is a city in Poland I can’t even type correctly.

And in at number three is Gatlinburg…three hours from me.  You can’t beat a vacation where you can buy Moonshine on the street!



I’m playing a Hurricane Michael Benefit tonight at 3rd & Lindsley here in town to raise money for those who are rebuilding down on the Gulf Coast in Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe Florida that is home to “Blast On The Bay”…one of my very favorite songwriters festival I play at each year.  Not this year.  I think ever venue I had ever played in down there is gone and has to be rebuilt.  I’m not the only songwriter that loves those folks down there and that festival.  A bunch of us will be on stage tonight to raise whatever we can.  It starts at 7 pm if you’re near.  I’m on with some writers in the 7:40 pm songwriter round.  I hope to see you there.


Have a great Tuesday!



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