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Leftoverville...Port St. Joe Benefit...Rock Em' Sock Em'

Nov 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thanksgiving be gone along with most of the leftovers.  How many shopping days left til Christmas?


This morning it’s WINDY in Nashville…so much so that I found myself out in the middle of our little mountainous road trying to get out to my Starbucks stop to pull limbs out of the road to get by.  41 for a high today but 67 come Saturday.  So not so bad…especially when I see the pictures of Chicago and KC right now.



Lots of turkey…lots of football…and lots of time nursing a stupid cold I came down with.  I rarely cough…but I’ve been making noise all weekend and I’m ready for this bad boy to disappear.  Despite that it was truly a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Neither my wife nor I are putting ice on a black eye so it’s easy to tell we did not participate in Black Friday.


Today is Cyber Monday…so all bets are off how much the credit card bills could be by the end of the day.



I did see where Kris Jenner of the Kardashian clan wore an $8,000 Versace outfit to her Thanksgiving feast.  Me?  Old Navy sweatpants and pull over.  About $15 maybe.  I’ll bet she was a lot more upset than me when she got gravy stains on her outfit.



We did get to see our daughter Heather over the holidays a bit which makes a great holiday even greater for us.  She’s been busy with her photography business and over the weekend she took snapshots for a wedding of a musical friend of hers who married a musical artist who had a number one hit in his career.  The photos are pretty stunning if I do say so as a Dad.  She certainly has a keen eye and a creative mind so that’s a good combo for a photographer.  If you’re curious check out her Facebook Page…or her WEBSITE to sneak a peek at what she does. 



Tomorrow night a bunch of the songwriters that normally play at the “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival in beautiful Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach, Florida will host a BENEFIT to raise money for our friends down there who basically had their community wiped out from the hurricane.  The event will be held at 3rd and Lindsley here in Nashville starting somewhere around 5:30 pm or so. I just found out I’ll be on stage with five other writers for a 7:45 pm round after a writer had to cancel that will include my “Hits & Grins” partner Victoria Venier Steve Dean has a road gig that won’t allow our trio to perform as a unit…but I’m glad to be able to do something to help raise money for that area.  It’s going to be a great evening of music…so if you’re near please come out and help this worthy cause.



“That’s six seconds of your life you can’t get back”.  That’s an old punch line we’ve all ready many times.  It was tucked inside a newspaper cartoon strip I read this weekend and it made me think about how short our lives are…and how we dwell on things that mean nothing in the overall scheme of a short life span here on this ole spinning globe. Politics, arguing, stressing over things that mean nothing in the big picture.  How much time could we live over if we were more conscience that life is just too short to waste our time on things we can’t change, or affect?  As I’ve gotten older…I try to remind myself of that as each minute, month, years are too precious to waste on such nonsense.  It’s just time you can’t get back for sure.



Scientist say we will see electric airplanes sooner than we think.  No props, no jet engines…powered by electricity. Those are going to be some really big charging stations we see at airports if that happens.


Solar and electric airplanes.  Wow.  First…I would never book a solar flight if I’m going to the northeast part of the country.  Second…my electric goes out every now and then. 



So this article lists some cool gifts for guys this Christmas. One listed was the old Rock Em’ Sock Em Robots.  Cool.  Although to keep up with times I’m not sure why there is no UFC Sockem’ Robots yet.


I like this stupid game so much that I actually kept a set in our WUBE Radio studios in Cincinnati when I was the morning host.  We had a few celebrities come in for interviews and we’d challenge them to take our young morning show producer.  Lee Ann Rimes was one…and she was COMPETITIVE!  She lost the first match and then she would not STOP until she finally beat our producer.  I still get a laugh when I see her face get so serious over that game.



Well…changes are always happening at Disneyworld-Disneyland.  EPCOT…my favorite of the parks opened in 1982 (I was there that year and got blown away) meaning they are getting ready to celebrate a 40th Anniversary.  I was lucky to broadcast their 25th Anniversary back in the day and they shut the park down for the media one evening and we had the run of the place.  Elton John and other stars performed on various stages as you ate your way around the place.  Everything was on Disney…no lines for any ride or attraction.  Really an amazing experience.


Now comes word of some cool new exhibits coming to EPCOT.  “Guardians Of The Galaxy” will feature the worlds largest indoor coaster experience located near the Universe Of Energy where you ride by the dinosaurs. 


Remy’s Ratatouille Adventures Ride will be located between France and Morocco in the World Showcase part of EPCOT. 


And both China and and Canada will have new films to watch soon.  That’s enough to make one take a look at ticket prices.



“Burger Joint Shuttered After Video Shows Workers Grilling Rat”.  Yep that would do it.  I used to think all the “rat” stories about NYC were crazy until I went there for the first time.  My morning show from Milwaukee broadcast from a hotel suite in the Big Apple to cover the Garth Brooks concert in Central Park.  It’s just our radio team in a big empty suite except for our gear and a broadcast table.  We had no more that sat down to do our first break on air when we spotted a rat dashing across the far part of the room.  Geez.  Never once thought about catching and grilling him though.



It is back to work Monday and it’s busy for sure.  I have a breakfast music meeting this morning and a co-write after that with my buddies Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti.  And somewhere in between I’ll need to write something topical and funny for United Stations in New York.  How many shopping days til Christmas?


Have a great Monday.





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