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Leftovers...Holiday Movies...Tall People

Nov 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The day after Turkey Day.  File your elbows.  It’s Black Friday!



Certainly our little family had a blessed day yesterday and we hope you and yours did too.  Just our immediate family of three sharing turkey and the trimmings with the fall colors providing quite the Thanksgiving view outside our kitchen windows. 


Our son in law Casey is serving his country for the Army and us right now and could not be with us so we certainly were thinking of him and other family and friends as we gave thanks for such a great day.


After the feast our daughter pulled up the new Santa Clause movie “The Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix starring Kurt Russell that’s really fun…and great to watch.  Might be the best new Christmas movie I’ve seen in awhile.  I highly suggest watching it if you’re a Christmas movie fan.


I did see that Nashville is offering up the “Hip Hop Nutcracker”.  Uh…no.  I think I’ll pass on buying that ticket. Nutcrackers are for crackin’…not for rappin’.



More and more “live” versions of animated classics are rolling out.  Dumbo is coming soon and so is Lion King which put up this TEASE of what that might look like.  Hakuna Matata.


And Tim Allen is warning us that Toy Story 4 will be very tearful.  I would think Buzz Armstrong would know.  Hopefully they don’t kill off Woody! 



You can tell it’s that time of year when you sit down at your Starbucks at 5 am in the morning and the music overhead is “Auld Lang Syne” sung by a guy playing a ukulele!  Maybe the New Year starts earlier than I had thought in Maui.



We have lots of leftovers so it will be a bit before I worry about this but the article says don’t drink coffee, beer, chew gum or train intensely on an empty stomach for various reason.  Drinking coffee?  That may not work for me.


But…I have no problem not training intensely on an empty stomach.  Usually if I train intensely I will automatically end up with an empty stomach.



There’s an entire menu book for ya guys.  Gotta say the scramble egg Heineken is not all that yummy though.



“The Taller Feel More Confident At Work”.  Cool…as long as they don’t look down on their co-workers I’m good with that. 


If there’s a Big and Tall Store though…why is there no Small and Short stores anywhere?  C’mon!



A big fat bunch of nothing for the weekend.  I can handle that.  College football and leftovers seem to be on the agenda today. 


Have a great Friday!






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