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Gulf Shores...Frank Brown Songwriters Festival...Rage Rooms

Nov 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Monday morning and I’m awake in Gulf Shores, Alabama realizing what a tech geek I look like sitting in McDonalds with a laptop, cell phone and I-Pad all scattered across one table.  Outside the window it’s raining today…and tomorrow. 



I-65 South to Gulf Shores is about an 8 hour drive or so.  Lots of time to listen to music on the road and I did just that. Kacey Musgraves, Brothers Osborne, the new Brent Burns CD (which is available now online) Eric Church and some original songs all cranked loud on my CD player to help me cover the miles.


But I got a big ole bonus when I checked my e-mail and saw that Lynn Marie and her fiancée’ Eddie Roddick had sent me the recording of a song we wrote recently called “Time To Celebrate” that has landed on Lynn’s new traditional polka album coming out around Thanksgiving.  And they just rocked our little idea…in a fun polka kind of way.  It put a big smile on my face while driving and I know this polka is going to “light” up their crowds and they’ll see folks lifting their big beer mugs in celebration.  Can’t wait to witness that myself.  Lynn will be inducted soon in the Polka Hall of Fame…so not only am I happy for her…I’m tickled to know we have a song together on a new album from a Hall of Famer!


My talented young friend Jenny Tolman sent me a nice note about our new song “I Know Some Cowboys In Texas” that we just wrote with her boyfriend producer Dave Brainard.  She’s working the new song up with the band and will be trying it out on the road when she plays Texas shortly.  I’m betting both the cowboys and cowgirls will like what they hear.  Jenny has fallen in love with Texas after playing there some and is now returning with a song geared just for those folks in the Texas Dance Halls.  Wish I could be a fly on the wall when she rolls this one out in the Lone Star State.  Thanks to Jenny & Dave for letting me rhyme with them on this one.



I got an early jump out of bed on the road to Gulf Shores Saturday morning arriving at my friends home, Brent Burns in time to head over to his son Buster’s house to watch the Alabama game.  Buster is a HUGE Bama fan and he rolled out food and has the big screen cranked up loud for another boring win for Bama.  And after that we watched the Auburn game at Brent’s home where Brent’s team lost.  How the Father roots for one and the son the other is beyond me…but very amusing at times to watch.


And then Sunday it was all about Drew Brees and the Saints.  So…no doubt…I’m in Alabama.  Auburn, Alabama, Saints all in two days.



Sunday (yesterday) was a day to get officially registered for the Songwriters Festival.  Done.  My first show is Tuesday night with Brent Burns at the Purple Parrot Tiki Bar.  Can’t wait to get started.  I also got out and caught a songwriters round at the Flora-Bama that my friend Wil Nance was a part of.  The trio on stage paid tribute to some veterans that they had written with as part of the Operation Song group I’ve blogged about more than once. Really appropriate for Veterans Day weekend.



I’ve decided I won’t be moving to Miami or anywhere near Miami after someone pulled out a record size Python in the Everglades.  It was 17 feet five inches worth of snake.  Uh…no.  I don’t know what’s worse.  Seeing a snake accidentally…or deliberately LOOKING for snakes until you find one.



No more dog racing.  Florida folks have voted to eliminate it.  Apparently it’s cruel to dogs.  I’ve gone to several dog races.  They have or had several beautiful dog tracks in Wisconsin when I lived there.  I bet the dogs, had dinner, hosted radio station events at these beautiful facilities.  Many are adapting to other types of gambling inside the track venues to survive. And now they have a bunch of those racing dogs that are going to need homes. So if you’re into adoption….



I dunno why folks do certain things.  Like the young lady who decided she was going to rollerblade across the entire country.  And she did.  It took her 7 months to cover over 4,000 miles on rollerblades. 


My theory on this is the folks who do these kinds of things are the same folks who will sign up to jump in a boat in the Everglades and go hunting for pythons.



The CMA Awards are Wednesday night. Normally I’ll sit on my couch and post on Facebook and Twitter with comments about the show.  Not this year.  I’m going to be playing a gig here at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival with Brent Burns and Alan Rhody at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room and won’t be able too.  So if you are one of those who normally follows along and joins in…hopefully next year.



They now have “rage” rooms that you can pay an admission for…walk in…grab a bat and start bashing things.  Take out your rage in a safe way.  Sort of like watching a Major League Baseball player strike out and the taking a bat to the water cooler in the dugout.  Now…if they can combine a “rage” room with an “escape” room…the folks trying to figure how to get out will be under more pressure to get out before the guy with the bat gets near them.  Put a camera in THAT room…put it on TV and watch ratings soar.



So…over in Paris they would not allow a woman into the Louvre Museum because her dress was too revealing.  Aren’t most of the sculptures and paintings inside the museum nudes? 



Going to do a little songwriting with my friend Mr. Burns down here in Gulf Shores and then make up the rest of the day.  It’s kinda what you do on the beach.


Have a great Monday!




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