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Freddy...New Brent Burns CD...Headed To The Beach

Nov 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Raining…drizzling…cold and I’m packing for the beach today.  Perfect timing.  Heck…they’re even calling for light snow here next Tuesday!



My wife and I saw Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday and really enjoyed it. For whatever reason I had never gotten into the music of Queen.  But I’m a fan after the movie.  Freddy Mercury could wail.  And the band scenes looked and felt legit to me…and that’s not always the case in movies about musicians and singers.  I thought the same held true for “Star Is Born” too. 


Now I will say, some will be probably be uncomfortable watching parts of the movie.  Freddy Mercury died young…of AIDS.  His lifestyle was full tilt boogie like a lot of rock stars.  Maybe even more so than most.  That is portrayed in the movie.  And while I did leave the theater shaking my head at the tragic loss of a talented life because of the choices Freddy made…I walked away mostly smiling with the music of Queen thumping in my head.


The fighting with each other in the band, the struggle to get truly unique and original music past a producer and people at a record label rang true also and that was fascinating to watch.  Queen fought not to record the same album over and over and over as some are forced to do because “formulas” work…as the producer loudly pointed out to the band in the movie.  However…nothing great or innovative ever comes out of the same ole same ole same.  And the band to their credit did not back down from their vision. 


Do your homework before you go would be my advice.  But most folks who love music will like this I’m pretty sure.



Joni Mitchell turned 75.  The Woodstock iconic singer was part of the late 60’s music that blared up and down Ellis Hall in Warrensburg, Missouri where I went to college.  Mixed in with the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin and Dylan and the like.  If you lived in that era…so the  mention of a name like Jodi Miller takes me back to that era.  You can see the beaded curtains in a dorm room, the peace signs, the tye dye and the Viet Nam War Protests.  If I had to choose a fave Joni Mitchell song?  I might go for this ONE.


I’m proud to be a co-writer on this song with my friend Brent Burns who made “Baby Boomers” the title track of one of his CD’s.  It was our attempt to capture the feeling and the vibe of growing up in that era.  Brent went to Viet Nam…I went to college so we both drew from our real life experiences to tuck some of that into the song. 



His new CD is now available HERE at his website.  We have 7 songs together on “70 And Partly Sunny” and it features one where Brent sang a FUNNY duet with Linda Davis titled “Resistible” that makes me laugh every single time I hear it…even if I did help write it.  Pick up a copy or two for Christmas.  A little beach music…some funny songs….what’s not to like?



One third of all of us sleepwalk.  Do you?  I don’t…I think.  But I know I did a couple of times when I was a young kid.  I know that because my parents laughed at one of those incidents.  I won’t go into the sordid details but apparently it involved a toy telephone.  And unless the tabloids get the rest of the story…that’s all I’m a gonna say bout that.  Sleep with your eyes wide open would be my advice.



Over in Knoxville a 30 year old guy is playing X-Box and get frustrated.  Really frustrated.  So frustrated that he grabs two firearms and goes upstairs and fires off 12 rounds into the ceiling, walls with one going across the street and hitting another home.  They say video games can be violent.  They should also add on the disclaimer warning…”can lead to stupidity”.



I can’t believe the CMA Awards show is coming up again in a week or so.  For those who follow along on my Facebook and Twitter pages…I’ll be throwing up commentary in real time once again as the show unfolds.  There’s always a lot of “funny” stuff to post about…believe me.


I did see a headline today that says “Country Music Will Talk About Hurt But Not Politics”.  Makes me proud to be a country songwriter.



Next year…Mercedes will roll out a driverless car on the real streets of San Jose, California.  And I’m betting the dang thing won’t have a CD player that you can stick your CD in while it’s headless driving you around town.  They are already disappearing from cars…and I hate that.


And cars are not the only place CD’s are disappearing from.  I found that out the hard way.  My new Apple computer I bought a few days ago has no CD drive in it.  No wonder it feels so much lighter than my old one!  I didn’t know that when I bought it but found out yesterday when I wanted to burn a CD and could not do it.  I’ll be looking to see if they can somehow stick and old one on my new one.  Sigh.



Remember me blogging about Pringles having chips that taste like Thanksgiving?  A combo of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  They’re sold out already!  Gone off shelves.  And now I’ll never know if they had a chip in the shape of a wishbone tucked in there or not.



That would be this Sunday.  God bless our veterans for all you do.



Packing day.  I’m headed for Gulf Shores dark and early tomorrow morning for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and I’m going in early to do a little writing with Brent Burns before my six gigs start on Tuesday.  Here’s my complete SCHEDULE in case your coming…and you should!  Beach…songwriters…it’s truly an amazing couple of weeks they have down there every single November.  Can’t wait to get started.


Have a great weekend!




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