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Getting Cooler...Cowboy Groove...Bohemian

Nov 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Nashville with a high of just 53 today and a high of just 44 on Saturday!  Glad to be headed to the beach again.



Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard were already rockin’ a new song when I walked in their front door yesterday morning.  Jenny and Dave are two of my favorite co-writers in this musical town so what a treat it was for me to jump into this fun “groove” they had going with a working title already.  Jenny had just worked a couple of Texas honky-tonks recently and had fallen in love with the Lone Star state and the culture there.  So that’s where the tune went.


It’s always great to be in creative rooms with high chemistry as it was yesterday.  Jenny’s career is growing and folks are taking notice.  I thought one reviewer kind of captured who I think she is musically when they wrote about her new single and video that’s just out describing her a cross between Brandy Clark and Kacey Musgraves.  Dave Brainard produced the first Brandy Clark record that got so much critical acclaim…so one can understand the comparisons there. 


I’m just happy to be part of their writing circle and watching her career take shape.  A good day yesterday.



To another frequent co-writer Ayla Brown who is going to co-host the morning show on the big country radio station in Boston (near where she grew up) for an entire week.  She and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy have been to Portland and back after recording a new EP with three of our songs on there…and now she has this radio opportunity.  Ayla played basketball for Boston College, she’s entertained troops all over the world, and her Dad is the new US Ambassador in New Zealand.  Talented girl and I’m excited for what may be coming her way from a completely different direction.


I saw this great VIDEO of her and Rob that was posted on their Facebook page.  It’s the two of them singing one of the signature songs in the movie “Star Is Born” called “The Shallows”.  If you saw the movie…you know the song.  And if you watch their performance you’ll agree they did a terrific job of covering it. 



I read this morning that the tornados that tore through here early Tuesday morning caused 6 deaths now.  Wow. Keith Bilbrey who worked on WSM for year, was an Opry announcer and now you see him regularly on Larry’s Diner lost a son because of the storm. Keith was working on WSM-AM when I was doing the morning show across the hall on WSM-FM several years ago.  He a wonderful man.  His son was driving at the worst time early Tuesday morning.  I can’t imagine anything harder to deal with and many including me are thinking about him and praying that he and his family will be given strength. 



Gas prices are falling and will continue to fall.  The busy summer driving season is over…so down they come.  No complaints about that.  The stock market goes up over 500 points and the price of gas goes down.  That’s a pretty good day we had yesterday.



There’s a new Grinch movie out.  Do we need another one?  Can’t be the original cartoon for me even though I loved the Jim Carey re-do.  Thurl Ravenscroft was THE booming voice on that cartoon.  He sang, “you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”.  And he was also the voice of Tony The Tiger for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes for so many years.


I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Thurl when I did the morning show at WUBE in Cincinnati.  I’m not even sure what he was calling to promote to tell you the truth.  I just remember how nice he was…how interesting he was.  And to show you how nice he was, I re-wrote a few lines of that iconic “Grinch” song that he sang back to us as we recorded him singing about our morning show over that tune. 


So…I don’t know if I’ll see the new animated Grinch or not.  But…I will watch the classic again this Christmas season and smile thinking about Thurl.


Would you want one?  They’ve got one.  No clutching, no shifting, no noise and it will go 0-60 in about 4 seconds very very quietly.  I dunno.  If I owned a Harley…I’d want to hear that potato potato potato potato sound they make when you jump on the starter.  And I’m pretty sure one should not be allowed to wear leather or a tattoo if you’re on an electric Harley Davidson.  Hard to be a “bad boy” if you’re straddling an electric chopper.



In London, the Costa Coffee Café’s have the right to card teens for coffee drinking.  I think 16 and under they can refuse to serve coffee.  Part of their reasoning is kids that young won’t sleep as well if they’re jacked up on java.  I kind of get the thinking there…and a lot of parent will probably be onboard with that too. 


Now if they can card kids when they try to Pokémon…that would be great too.



In Spain they are installing little flat screens right above the urinals in the men’s bathrooms.  So…you can go for the relief in the middle of a soccer match and not miss one kick.  When I go see a Cincinnati Reds Baseball game at Great American Ballpark…when you’re in the bathroom the radio play by play is on.  I’ve found myself lingering longer than I need to because I’m a fan of the Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman.  Too much info?  Okay…let’s move on.



A little date “Thursday” for me and my wife as we’re off to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody.  The movie theater we go to has those reclining seats like over sized Lazy Boys.  I’m betting we get a theater in the future with a Select A Number mattress you can watch from.


Have a great Thursday!






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