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Cincinnati Writing...Flying Nuns...Toe Wrestling

Nov 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man does it look like Fall outside my window this morning.  A lot of orange in the trees today as they hang over Old Hickory Lake.  Beautiful.



One more election song got turned in yesterday to my NY folks I work with…this one about it being over and celebrating the fact that the political TV ads will be finally gone.  Can I get an Amen?


And then my songwriting appointment was with my Cincinnati native friend Brian White.  Not only did we write a new song but also we got to catch up on all things Cincinnati including the Reds and Skyline Chili.  It had been awhile since we sat down together and rhymed…but I think in the future we’ll write a bit more often for sure.  Brian has had a whole lot of cuts including a couple recently that landed with Jason Aldean.  This is one of my faves he helped writer for Gary Alan “Drop”.  A fun hang yesterday for sure.



I saw where Sally just turned 72.  Gosh.  I included her, sorta kinda in a song of mine titled “Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me”.  The song has a line that goes, “I’m scarred for life after watching that Nun fly around on my TV”.  You have to be a certain age to be able to remember the “Flying Nun” TV show that actually starred Sally Field flying…like a nun.  And if you think that’s hard to believe…at the same time there was a show on TV called “Mr. Ed” about a talking horse.


I had to grow a few years before starting to really wonder if Nuns could fly and horses could talk.



A whole bunch of deer get hit by cars every year.  Last year 1.33 MILLION go hit by cars.  Wow.  I’ve hit one deer in my lifetime while driving.  Scared the heck out of me at 3 am in the morning flying to work to a radio station in Cincinnati at the time.  When I drove home later that day I looked out in a cornfield and saw her.  She didn’t make it…and my car went into the shop. 


And I was driving in Wisconsin once (where opening day is like the Superbowl) and watched as three deer tried to dart across the road.  One didn’t make it as a truck that was just ahead of me hit it so hard that the deer flew up in the air, flipped over and landed in the ditch. 


It’s that time of year folks.  Keep your eyes wide-open kids.



How bout this.  Pringles is rolling out a Thanksgiving chip.  Supposedly the taste is a mix of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.  Gonna save a lot of money on Turkey Day this year.  I’ll just put cans of Pringles on the long dining room table.


Wonder if the Pringles Arbor Day chips will taste like wood?



Apparently hotel clerks could write a book from weird questions they’ve been asked at the front desk.  Here are two good ones that caught my attention.


Can you pose as my chauffeur and drive me around?  I need to look important at a meeting today.


And…could you meet a business client on my behalf?  I have double booked myself.



That there is a toe-wrestling champion of the world?  Yep.  Folks compete…toe wrestling. So far ESPN has not covered it…but if they can cover a hot dog eating championship every year…why not toe wrestling?



“Idiot Junps Into A Crocodile Pit Wearing Crocs Gets Bitten By A Croc”.  It happened in Florida where I’m pretty sure retirees formal footwear is crocs.  Some folks truly deserve to get bitten by a crocodile.



I’m off to write with Jenny Tolman and Jenny's boyfriend-producer-writer-guitar player Dave Brainard and catch up with their busy lives.  They have a new single out, and they’ve been on the road performing quite a bit so it will be fun to create something new with them and to spend some time catching up on Jenny’s career.


Have a great Wednesday!



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