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Bluegrass Writing...New Computer...Star Is Born

Nov 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And how was your first November weekend of 2018? 



Turned out to be a full weekend that started early on Friday with a music publishing meeting and then a co-write with my friend Jerry Salley (who was just named “Songwriter of The Year”) by the IBMA…The International Bluegrass Music Association.  And Australian award winning artist Kristy Cox also joined us so it was my first time writing with her.  A pleasure.  Kristy recorded a song I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry on her last CD titled “Blame It On God” and she’s hard at work collecting songs for her next project out sometime next year.  And by golly I think we may have written something she will like enough to include on that new CD.  We’ll see.  Either way it was fun writing with Kristy and getting to know her better.


It is a bit of an odd thing to write a song and then have it recorded by someone you’ve never met.  Sometimes a writer won’t meet that artist for a very long time after the fact.  So it was great getting a real sense of who Kristy is.  And thank you Jerry for bringing a great idea to the writing table.



Saturday was all about the computer world as my Mac Pro that I’ve had since 2011 crashed and burned.  That meant buying a new one.  Sigh.  So…I’m blogging today on this new one that I’m getting used to.  Gotta say I was pleased and pretty amazed that I could walk into my Apple Store…buy the new one…give them my old one to back up on the new…and have the new one with all my stuff on it 5 hours later.  I was braced to wait a week to get it.


One of the new features on this one is it has “”Siri” on it.  I can talk to this thing while I’m blogging if I want…ask questions…get answers. 


As I’ve said before, with voice activation systems there is no need for anyone to be stupid anymore. 



And Sunday we were blessed to spend time our daughter Heather and her hubby Casey who came down from Clarksville where he’s stationed as an Army helicopter soldier.  We went to church in the morning, then saw the movie “Star Is Born” which was great.  Bradley Cooper was just terrific as always and who knew he could sing so well?  I’ve heard from friends that the other music movie “Bohemian Rhapsody is great too so that’s next on our list.


After the movie we had lunch at a Japanese restaurant where our chef who was from Viet Nam originally felt compelled to tell us how he has to send money back to an ex-wife between flipping shrimp and egg shells up into the top of his hat.  We got more than we paid for…without asking.


And after that we drove out to the Opryland Hotel and had coffee with some of my wife’s family who were in town for a convention.  The got lost trying to find us in that massive hotel.  If you ever stay there…bring your GPS.


So a very full fun weekend here at the Whyte House for sure.



A study shows that when we roll out clocks back that our sleeping habits are affected for 5 days or more.  It also reveals that we are 25% more likely to have a heart attack!  Which means folks in Indiana are in good shape as they refuse to roll theirs back…and frankly…I don’t know why the rest of the country doesn’t do the same.  My guess would be that most of those heart attacks happen when folks get up Monday morning and find out they are running an hour late for work.



Jack Daniels has and advent calendar.  Uh huh.  That should keep you feeling “jolly” through all of December.



Today will be the last day of TV political ads.  Lord.  Is there anything worse on TV?  I’d rather see Flo a million times in those insurance commercials if given a choice.  That’s how bad it is.



I read this morning that the opera singer Andrea Bocelli landed his first number one album on the Billboard Charts.  His 16th album is titled “Si”…and it finally topped the commercial charts.  If you listen to this voice it’s hard to believe it took so long for an album of his to top some kind of chart.


Now…I am far from an Opera guy.  But a couple of Valentine’s ago I took my Valentine wife to Miami to see Andrea.  It was on her bucket list.  It turned out to be one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself as I was just blown away by his incredible voice and power and range.  I’m glad to see so many others are recognizing his talent too.



I’m working ahead today.  Saturday I head back to Gulf Shores for the big Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down there which is always so much fun.  So I’ll be clearing my deck this week to get ready for another road trip.


Have a great Monday!








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