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Working Ahead...Trop Rock Awards...Star Is Born

Nov 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Anyone else having trouble believing we are already heading into the first weekend of November?!



Another day of catching up on stuff and preparing for what lies ahead on the calendar.  A week from tomorrow I’m back in Gulf Shores for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival where I have six shows slated this year down on the beach.  Three of those with my “Hits & Grins” trio and three others with Brent Burns who is in Key West, Florida right now.


The Trop Rock Awards are held tonight down there and Brent is up for Entertainer Of The Year” and his album “Emergency Vacation” is nominated for both Album and Song of the year.  I’m rooting from afar as we wrote that song together.  Good luck to my beach pal down in the southernmost part of the country today.



Man…we move away for Halloween quickly don’t we?  Yesterday my daughter sent my wife and me pictures of her first ever Christmas tree that she and her husband already have up.  They have a pair of cats so I’m waiting for them to call to tell me how many Christmas ornaments were ripped off the tree by their feline buddies.  Believe it or not…our tree is in it’s stand waiting to be decorated which means this will be the EARLIEST ever for us.  And if that’s not enough proof it’s Christmas…they put my Pike in a Christmas Grande cup this morning at Starbucks. 



So I saw a headline that read “7 Reasons Why You Should Never Eat Velveeta”.  I refuse to read that.  I grew up with a Grandma that made mac and cheese in a big ole pot.  Elbows and a box of Velveeta.  Delish.  I’m not going to ruin that memory by reading an article that surely would tell me how bad that is for one’s body.


As the line in one of our “Hits and Grins” songs states, “At least I’ll die with a good taste in my mouth”.



Here ya go…even in the death…the Top 5 for 2018?


5 is Bob Marley who took in 15 million dead.  Ya mon’!

4 is Charles Schultz.  The Charley Brown franchise netted 34 million.

3 is Arnold Palmer the late golfer.  Those golf courses with his name on it?  Making lots of dough still.

2 is Elvis (who may still be alive) raking in 40 million.


And number one by far…Michael Jackson’s estate made over 400 million last year!  The sold his publishing company to Sony for well over 200 million alone.  Dead and wealthy.



This is interesting at least to me.  MSN listed the best places to retire that would allow you do so on $50,000 or less per year.


5 I lived there.  Milwaukee!  Great city.  It do get cold though.

4 El Paso…been there.  Played music there two week.  It gets HOT.

3 Toledo, Ohio.  Anyone wanna retire in Toledo?

2 Memphis.  They’ve done a great job of rebuilding downtown.  High crime though.


And number 1???   Detroit.   I just don’t see many folks thinking about Detroit for their retirement years somehow.  There’s a reason retirees go to the beach.



This weekend we roll back the clocks.  We gain an hour of sleep.  I’ll take it.  My writing assignment today for New York will be to write a parody song about being late to work on Monday for those that FORGET to turn the clock back.  Don’t be that person.



Well…there’s a lot of good movies out now and our little family is going to see “Star Is Born” for sure and maybe one other.  And then there’s that bare Christmas tree staring at us.


Have a great weekend!



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