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Christmas Trees...Bachelorettes...Trick Or Treat Advice

Oct 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Happy Halloween.  Time to play “To All The Ghouls I’ve Loved Before”.



After turning in yet another Halloween parody song for my folks in New York (about those who turn the lights off and pretend they’re not home at trick or treat time) I spent some time on Music Row with Manon Ward touching up a song we had started a few months ago.  The time was well spent as we both agree the song is much better now.  And it’s certainly something I could hear Manon singing someday in front her audience.


We also spent some time talking about her career path and how her new album she recorded is going and the plans that go with it.  And certainly we spent some time shaking our heads at folks that just don’t get how one should get a designated driver if they’ve been drinking too much.  With Halloween parties being the rage tonight keep Manon’s story she shared tucked in the back of your head.


A few months ago she got hit by a drunk driver.  A Mom…drunk behind the wheel runs a red light and plow into her.  The Mom had two kids in the back seat with no seat belts on.  Everyone goes to the hospital…and that family is going be affected by what comes for a long long time.  Manon herself is still in rehab and therapy and her car of course was demolished.  She got out alive but was lucky. 


Yep…that “don’t drink and drive” thing?  Great advice.



Believe it or not…our Christmas tree is in the living room ready to be decorated.  My wife had some greenery left over from our daughter’s wedding reception that went up over the fireplace and in a couple of other places in the living room and I think she was inspired to get a little more green in the living room…like a Christmas dang tree! 


I am from the school of just leave it up all year.  It looks great next to the fireplace why no decorate it for every holiday of the year?  Valentine hearts, Mardis Gras beads, and on Arbor Day no decorations at all…just a bare tree.  Put it up…leave it up!



Venice is 77% under water from a big flood.  We were just there and saw it for the first time ever.  Of course there’s a ton of water to begin with as an Uber call is for a boat.  Guess those Gondola guys are having to use a longer pole to the tourists through the canals right now. 


We loved Venice and I’ve said this before but…it’s probably a once in a lifetime trip.  If you go…see it for sure but then take a trip to a couple of the beautiful little outer islands just a boat ride away.  Those I would go back to again.



Part of the reason we have SO many folks moving into Nashville or making trips for multiple days here is something other than the great hillbilly music this town thrives on.  We have become a huge destination choice for Bachelorette parties.  If you’re near downtown…believe me…you can hear them.


Now one hotel has decided to take advantage of that and they are booking their rooms exclusively for those kinds of parties.  Brides to be?  A single will cost you $200 per night, a double $380 and if you need three bedrooms for your posse of girls that will set ya back $550 a night.  Here come da brides…to Music City.



Oprah has a “sleep doctor” on call.  What do they do?  Oprah is worth over 2 billion bucks but can’t sleep at night without help?  Pretty sure if I had 2 billion in the bank I’d nod off to sleep pretty easily.  Oprah..put your feet up in front of the TV and have a cup of hot chocolate.  That’ll be $5,000.



Don’t you hate not being able to remember names?  I’m horrible at it.  Experts say to concentrate when you meet someone new and not have another conversation going on in your head. (guilty as charged)  They also say pick out something about their face and associate it with their name.  “Hey pimple Patty…so nice to see you again”!



“A Woman Is Engaged To A Ghost”.   Uh huh.  And supposedly she had intimate relations with a bunch of them.  Okay…after that…I get why Oprah has a sleep doctor.  I’m going to need one after reading that headline.



I’ve got an open date to do some catching up stuff before Halloween begins in earnest.  I heard a sports talk radio show this morning where the one host was adamant about letting the kids have their day!  Don’t put an apple or a toothbrush in their bag for crying out loud.  People actually put a toothbrush in bags?  Talk about Debbie Downer.  Remember…those kids are not staying with you for the night.  Send them on their merry way on a big ole sugar high.  Happy Trick or Treatin’ kids.


Have a great Wednesday!




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