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A Reception...Special Autographs...Easy Lovin'

Oct 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Leaves are falling harder than the Dodgers.



Saturday we held an intimate reception for our daughter Heather and her husband Casey that where some family and close friends gathered to say congrats.  Yep…I got to do the Dad-Daughter dance where it really does kind of hit you that you gave your daughter away.  In this case I could not have given her away to a better young man and that does make it a bit easier for sure.  As I said during our toast, as a Dad you hold that little girl and watch her grow but kind of deceive yourself into thinking she’ll always be right there.  And then they find another man to share the rest of their lives with…as it should be.


I want to thank all who came and enjoyed the reception with us.  My wife and daughter both worked their tail off to make the room look so pretty with a tint of Irish feel to it as Ireland is where Casey and Heather exchanged vows. Thank you to friends and family who sent notes and texts and e-mails and gifts to help celebrate our special day.  We appreciate it.


We were just blessed really to be able to do a “destination” wedding in Ireland with a very small group.  It was a vacation overseas (first time for me) and a wedding all rolled into one.  If you want to take a peek…here’s the VIDEO of that experience that will provide a lifetime of wonderful memories.



I did watch most of the clinching game for the Boston Red Sox last night.  The best team all year won the World Series over the Dodgers.  It’s odd isn’t it how the “best record” for an entire season can turn out to be a big “who cares” if you don’t win the Series.  That did not happen to Boston.  I’ve been to all but 6 major league parks and my top two favorites so far?  Wrigley and Fenway…easily.  If you like baseball…you owe it to yourself to see the Cubs at Wrigley and the Sox at Fenway at least once.



Two days away.  For adults a “witch” is still popular.  Over 7.2 million adults will dress up like a witch. Who knew?  Grab your broom and knock yourself out.  I think I’ll stay home again and wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to show up. 



I read an article this weekend about “weirdest things celebrities have autographed”.  NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne autographed a dog once…a long haired dog.  Body parts are a biggie for a lot of celebs.  Don’t ask.


And I saw prosthetic legs are a biggie too.  Who knew?  I actually autographed one myself once upon a while ago and there’s a pretty good story behind that.


I did a show for some Gold Star Mom’s in Port St. Joe, Florida that was pretty much obliterated by hurricane Michael a few weeks ago with my “Hits & Grins” trio.  They were boxing packages to send to soldier over seas with Silver Star Mom’s and other volunteers while we played.  Gold Star Mom’s are those who have lost their sons in a war.  I sang a patriotic song I had written for the group and when I came off stage I was introduced to a Marine with a prosthetic leg.  He wanted to thank ME for the song I had sung and of course I said, “no…it’s you who’s to be thanked”.  He then took off his prosthetic leg he wears because of losing his in combat and asked me to autograph it.  I’m usually not at a loss for words…but I certainly was at that moment.  God bless those men and women who serve.



I was saddened to see Freddie Hart passed away.  91 years old…lived a full life with a lot of hits, not the least of which was “Easy Loving” that seemingly stayed at the top of the charts for weeks back when.  Man…did I play that record a lot on the radio.


I have one Freddie Hart connection.  Back when I was in Missouri and had a band my agent and great friend Dean Raymer had teed us up to work multiple dates in Canada in hockey rinks where we would back up a Canadian country artist, do a set ourselves and then make way for the headliner who was Dolly Parton!  You can imagine how excited we were.  Just before we were to take that mini tour north across the border Dolly came down with voice issues and cancelled.  Yes…we were deeply disappointed to say the least.


However…on promoter in Manitoba decided he wanted to hold his date and increased our price enough for us to say yes and drive a Winnebago pulling a trailer from St. Louis up to Manitoba for that show that would headline one Freddie Hart.  I will just tell you that we spent a little time with Freddie before the show and he could not have been a nicer person.  And I don’t think one has ever heard anything but nice things about him.  A gentle soul with a unique voice that captured country music hearts in big numbers in the 70’s.  I’m glad I got to meet him…even if it was only for a minute.



I saw where the Smoky Mountains opened the last two trails that have been closed since the wildfire two years ago.  I’ve been over there a fair amount over the past couple of years.  Unless you know where you are looking, one would never know there’d been such a catastrophic fire.  That’s how good a job folks have done over there with the help of mother nature restoring what she damaged that day and night.  Still a beautiful place to go and hike.



So for those who travel on business a lot Starbucks, Delta, Uber, and the Hampton Inn are all number one as far as business receipts folks turn into the boss.  I travel a fair amount but I’ve got no boss to turn my receipts into.  Dang.  But…I fly American (because my daughter flies for them) I’ve never Uber’d anywhere but I do like Hampton Inns and of course Starbucks.  Best case scenario is if the Hampton Inn I’m bedded down in provides Starbucks.  Home run.


A lot of folks carry noise machines with them they can turn on to help them sleeves.  Like white noise…or the sound of the ocean.


I take an audio recording of people being noisy in the hallways and rooms next to me just in case they would actually give me a quiet room.



I’m off to write with Ayla Brown and her boyfriend Rob Bellamy who just finished recording an EP together of six songs…three of those being songs we wrote together.  The found a cool studio out in Portland to record these so I’m looking forward to hearing about their experience out there and hearing the tunes together.  A fun day coming up at the office.


Have a great Monday!







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