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Back Home...Back To The Beach Soon...Wedding Reception

Oct 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Rainy start to the weekend here in Music City.



I was up dark and early putting Gulf Shores, Alabama in my rearview after a few great days down on the beach that wrapped up with a great Trop Rock songwriter show Wednesday night.  The good news is I’ll be back there shortly for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that starts in mid November for two weeks.  I’ll be doing three shows this year with “Hits & Grins” and at least a couple with Brent Burns.


The new website for this year’s festival looks great.  If you check out the songwriters you’d like to see while you’re down there (if you are) just click on their bio and you’ll find another link that will tell where and when that songwriter will be playing.  This LINK will take you to mine to check out if you’d like.


I’m certainly looking forward to being a part of this once again this year.



To my dear friend Lisa (Shaffer) Stone whom many of you know was the original female in our “Hits & Grins” trio who went back home to Kentucky with her husband Kevin…bought a farm…and yes..they are raising as many kids as they are crops.  Yesterday I got a text of the new boy who just arrived for their family…alive, kicking and very healthy.  Since Lisa left the trio she’s been busy as she and Kevin now have THREE kids to raise on their farm.  Happy for them.  Congrats you guys.



I was sad to see that Tony Jo White “Polk Salad Annie” guy who lived here passed away.  Loved that song…still do.  Many might not know that Tony also co-wrote the classic “Rainy Night In Georgia” too.  It’s funny how sometimes when you hear of an artist or songwriter passing you hear THAT song in your head.  I’m hearing “gator got ya granny” right now. 



That Halloween is next week!  3.2 BILLION bucks will be spent on costumes this year they say.  And that doesn’t include the poor little poodles that get dressed in Harley leather that some owners insist on doing.  Bad time of year to be a pet.  They surely get together at their own Starbucks and talk about what their owners make them do…I’m sure.



It’s popular and getting more popular apparently.  Planters is making a beer…and yes…it taste a bit like peanut butter apparently.  And then there’s this.  Beer candy is now being made.  Uh huh.  And it’s Halloween Mom and Dad.  Check your kids candy bucket when they get home from trick or treating.  If you’re little goblin is wobbling a bit…you’ll know why.



Already.  Guess who’s stock is high?  Barbie.  Still popular.  And for whatever reason sales have jumped again for the toy maker Mattel.  Just my luck…I bought stock in Ken.



Johnny Depp is out as Jack Sparrow for the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.  I can’t imagine that movie without him.  Depp has had a string of personal issues which may have something to do with the change.  I’ll be curious to see who they replace him with…or how they get around the character without needing him.


Depp has done some cool things dressed as Jack Sparrow.  He’s lifted spirits of kids by going bedside dressed as Jack.  And at least once at Disneyland-Disney World he surprised guests standing in one of those scenes you float by.  If you’ve never see that clip…check THIS out.



“Bride To Be Says She Wants Wedding Dress Made With Dead Mom’s Hair”.  Yikes.  Here come da Mom.



Well…we have a ton of pre-work to do for our daughter Heather and husband Casey’s little wedding reception we’re having tomorrow.  Just a few of their friends and small gathering of family and my biggest hope is since they hired a DJ that Dad won’t have to dance.  Nobody need to be seeing that.  But…we’ll have fun even if I have to I’m sure. 


Have a great weekend!





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