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Parrothead Singing...Fore...Homeward

Oct 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Northward to Nashville and home.



I spent a great day and evening in Gulf Shores that started with a scramble golf tournament in the morning as part of Donny Brewer’s Karavan to the Keys with a bunch of Parrot Heads.  I had not teed up a ball in years but despite that my game was no worse than it’s ever been…which is not a great thing.  But…I hit enough “don’t suck” shots to feel good about chasing that little white ball around with my two partners Bob and Merilee.  We truly had a great time and the weather was perfect.


I was also glad to hear my pal Brent Burns played just as awful as I did.  In the end…neither of us hit anyone so all is well.



What a great Parrot Head songwriters round we had out at Glen Lakes Country Club in Foley, Alabama.  Me, Brent and Eric Stone in the feature round but before us were some really talented Trop Rock songwriter-performers who I really enjoyed.  The room was packed with those that love all things beach including songs about the beach.  It was great fun to once again hear the crowd singing along to a lot of the songs that Brent and I have written through the years.  In fact, they were singing so loud on "Going Ugly Early" that I didn't have to sing the chorus.  Amazing...and funny all at the same time. 

Thanks to all you who came out and made this day and evening such a huge success.  And special thanks to Donny Brewer and Eric Babin owner of Radio Trop Rock and their wives for tucking me into their little Parrothead family. 


Today the entire Karavan of folks will start moving towards Key West Florida for an entire week of that kind of music.  It’s also a week that features the Trop Rock Awards where my buddy Brent and I have a tune nominated for “Song Of The Year” which is the title track of Brent’s last CD “Emergency Vacation”.  We’ll see what happens…but I’m rooting for my pal who is also nominated for “Entertainer Of The Year”. 


So while all those folks are moving WAY south…I’m moving north to Nashville to get home and help my wife make final preparations for small wedding reception for my daughter Heather and her husband Casey that will happen Saturday.  I wish my wife would let me wear what I wear when I sing to Parrotheads but I’m pretty sure shorts and flip flops will be out of the question.


Just another great road trip making music and spending time with a bunch of great friends.  Hard to beat.


Have a great Thursday!

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