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Road Trip...Train...Old Donkey

Oct 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning…5 AM coffee at Starbucks and they’re playing nothing but Halloween music over the speakers AND did not play “Monster Mash”.  How can this be?



I had a little downtime yesterday but spent it catching up and planning ahead.  Pretty good World Series game last night.  How bout those Washington Nationals now up 2-0 over the heavily favored Astros?  Wow.  Nobody saw that coming.



I did add another date to the calendar with my friends Linda Davis, Lang Scott and their youngest daughter Rylee.  We have a show in Ruston, Louisiana coming up November 14 followed by a Saturday November 16 show at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Carthage, Texas.  We’ll be following that up with a Sunday stop at Pirtle Methodist Church in Overton, Texas where we’ll provide music for the worship service there at 10:30 AM before we head home from that road trip. That’s going to be a very fun 3 day road trip.


And for those of you who have never been to the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum?  If you’re ever near Carthage do stop in.  It’s great and my friend Linda Davis is a member.  Our show is “Thanksgiving At The Hall”…and in our group…you can probably figure out which of us is the “turkey”. 



And speaking of the Scott Family…I do want to say congrats to their oldest daughter Hillary as Lady Antebellum now have their names on the Walk of Fame at a ceremony that happened just across from the Country Music Hall of Fame here a couple of days ago.  They continue to make great music and certainly deserve all the hardware and recognition that’s come their way.  And I love the current SINGLE that’s out right now!



And I was happy to see that “Train” a song I wrote with Steve Dean and Daisy Reid Mallory is now on three separate charts in Australia…the home country for Kristy Cox (List) who recorded and released the song as a single off of her new album.  Congrats Kristy…and may the song keep finding new fans as it chugs along.



Here’s a funny true technology story I heard yesterday from a cable TV repairman who came to our house to fix a TV problem we were having.  In short, our cable box was completely outdated and he replaced the box.  While doing so he dialed in all the codes, sent a signal and more all through an APP on his cellphone.  Man…is there nothing that can’t be done on a cellphone?


He told me a funny story about a call he had for an elderly woman where he basically had to do the same thing.  He felt there was something perturbing the customer.  And finally, she could not hold back any longer and told this technician, “Young man, you’d get more done if you didn’t spend so much time on your phone”.  LOL.  She got a free 21st century education that day.



The world’s oldest donkey just turned 60 today!  Who knew donkeys lived so long?  I know there are probably some jackasses you know that you wish would just go away…but that’s another story isn’t it?



From donkey to a horse. There’s a horse out there who really is not into letting people ride it.  Every time someone walks up to put its feet in the stirrups the horse lies down and plays dead.  Sounds far fetched doesn’t it…like maybe that “fake” news we always hear about?  But, here’s the VIDEO proof.  You’ll need to ride a scooter to work because old Flicka here ain’t going for it.



Apparently Popeye’s is on a hiring binge.  They put out a chicken sandwich that was so popular so fast that they could not keep up with the customers and the demand at their stores.  So they stopped making it to re-gear.  Now that’s it’s set to come back into stores…they are hiring a lot of employees to pass that sandwich over the counter or out the window.  So, if you need a job…



If this works, there will be a lot of happy dog owners, and maybe less stuff to scrape off of the bottom of shoes.  Here’s a ROBOT that cleans up the dog poo out of your backyard.  Sort of like that robot vacuum cleaner that folks use. 


And now if they can give us a robot to change baby’s diapers…even better.



“Learner Driver Arrested For Showing Up For Driving Lesson In A Stolen Car”.  Well, the danged horse played dead on him so what’s a guy to do?



I’m off to write with Paul Bogart today.  We are working on songs about Nashville for a special musical project.  We covered Hot Chicken last time.  Maybe those crazy pedal taverns the tourists seem to love so much for a song today?  Stay tuned.


Have a great Thursday!




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