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Almond Cow...Crocs and Old Towns

Oct 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Wednesday morning and outside my little blogging window I can see the leaves are starting to turn finally.



I wrote with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at their house-recording studio and that’s always fun and a pleasure.  Sometimes you develop chemistry with certain folks and that would be the case with these two as we now try to get together once every other week.  This time we went back and made a song better…a song we had written the last time we sat down.  And we got a start on a new idea that Jenny brought to the table.


The shared some great news with me about how they will release a Christmas-Cowboy type song we wrote together and you’ll be able to hear that in just a few weeks.  And I love this song so that was really great to hear.  I also got to hear a couple other songs we’d written that they have started recording too.  Jenny’s second album is not that far away and with any luck I’ll have more than one tune on that.  As cool and “different” as her stuff is…I can’t think of a better album to be on.



When I arrived at their door yesterday there was an Amazon Prime box sitting there. Jenny got all excited because it was an Almond Cow.  I know.  I wondered too.  Turns out that it’s a machine that lets you make your own almond milk. Jenny is a health nut for sure and it was like Christmas arrived early.  Apparently the machine makes your milk healthier than what comes in the Almond Milk carton one buys at the store.  Here’s a VIDEO to check out if you have on shred of almond milk curiosity.


Of course the big question remains, how the heck to you milk a danged almond?!



Once we finished writing and milking almonds I went looking for a place to get a flu shot.   Everywhere I visited was out of the vaccine but I finally found a pharmacy that was stocked and got poked.  It was funny watching a Mom working with her young man of 7 or 8 I’d say get his first flu shot.  The kid was not happy no matter how much Mom told him it would not hurt and you could hear him crying through most of the store.  After it was over, the Mom actually got the young man to tell the pharmacists through his tears, “thank you for giving me a shot”.  I’m still laughing.



And the Nats beat the Astros in the first game of the World Series last night.  Houston is a HUGE favorite and they dropped the first game in their home park.  I’m starting to think the Washington Nationals have “Cinderella” written all over their jerseys.  Two really great teams with unreal starting pitching so it’s great viewing for this baseball geek for sure.



The "Joker"  starring Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role has now become the biggest R-Rated movie EVER for an October release.  It’s just been out a couple of weeks and worldwide it’s already made $234 MILLION bucks.  It’s a little dark for me to want to see…but it’s proof again of how popular those kind of Marvel movies are…especially when you have someone ass good as Joaquin to help sell tickets.  Heck, I still think he should have won the Oscar for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line”.



It’s National Croc Day.  Yes…a day to celebrate shoes made out of what looks like wiffle balls to me.  Apparently, they are making a really big comeback…especially on college campuses.  Cheap, easy to slip in and out of and now they have their own day.  Would you have guessed that the first time you laid eyes on a pair of those bad boys?  Me neither.



MSN put out an article today listing the oldest towns in each state.  I’m from Missouri and had no idea what that might be.  It’s Genevieve.  And now I have to figure out where that town is located.  No clue.


Here in Tennessee it’s Jonesborough and I’ll be looking at an old Rand McNally to see where that is too.



I had a cancellation today so I have the day free.  I think I’ll spend part of it looking for a place to buy a pair of Crocs to watch game 2 of the World Series in tonight…or not.


Have a great Wednesday!


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