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Rosemary Beach...Baseball...Gulf Shores Today

Oct 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Moving a little west on the beach this morning.



I spent a lazy last day here on this neck of the beach with some of my closest friends.  It’s very pretty and quiet this time of year on this section of 30A Highway and I’ve truly enjoyed the three days here.  I got a little tour of Rosemary Beach yesterday which is an upscale beach neighborhood.  So much so that I found myself looking at the homes and condos and wondering “what the heck do these folks do”.  My guess is that not many of them are songwriters.


The streets there actually reminded me a bit of some of the look we saw in Italy…except everything on Rosemary Beach is newer.  The center of town has a street that look a lot like Europe.  Upscale shops, colorful bikes that one can rent and go, beautiful beach with lots of white sand and at this time of year?  Ya feel like you got it to yourself.  Not so much in summer.


We had to drop the girls with us off to get nails done…and shopping…so Lang Scott gave me the nickel tour and we jaunted over to the west side of Panama City where I saw no hurricane damage.  We grabbed a smoothie near the beach when I spotted a Nathan’s Hot Dog shop.  My theory is…if one sees a Nathan’s near the beach it’s a law.  You HAVE to have one.  I did my part.


Back at the house I grabbed a beach chair and took the little 10 minute hike to the beaches here and just sat a watched and listened to the waves roll up.  Last night it apparently rolled up a ton of small dead fish that were scattered everywhere.  It’s an acquired smell…I can tell ya that.  I have no idea what happened there.  I’ve seen thousands of jellyfish that have washed up onto the sand that I though was plastic or balloons from a distance.  Weird.  Part of living near the ocean.


Then last night the kids with us cooked our dinner!  Salmon and mac and cheese on the beach.  Heaven on a plate.


A little baseball movie on Netflix…”42” which is the Jackie Robinson story that features Harrison Ford as the old Dodger owner Branch Rickey who brought the first black ballplayer up to play on a white Major League team and took all the hate and criticism that came with it back in that day of hatred and racism.  Geez.  Really good movie…two thumbs up for me.



While in Rosemary Beach one could not miss the HUGE mural of Vin Sculley the famed LA Dodger baseball announcer who just recently retired.  He must be happy to know his team is once again in the World Series that starts tonight.  Dodgers-Red Sox.  Should be a good one, and I have no rooting interest really except for the fact that I saw that mural of Vin yesterday.  A sign?  We’ll see.



I did have to write a parody song down here for New York as they need a funny song about the worth of the Megamillion-Powerball drawings this week worth over 2.2 billion and counting.  Maren Morris has a hit song called “Rich” so it was a no brainer choice as to what to use for that assignment.  Yep…I’m working on the beach.  If you can call that work.  Speaking of which.  The odds of winning the Megamillions?  1 in 302,575,350. 


So you’re saying I’ve got a chance?!



If you live near the ocean you deal with Jimmy Buffett’s song “Hurricane Season”.  An cat 5 is making it’s way towards Mexico now.  Here we go again. 


My friends in Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe have a LONG recovery ahead.  Our “Blast On The Bay” songwriters festival was cancelled this past weekend because there was no place to play.  Last night I was part of a group mail that was going around letting all the songwriters who were scheduled to perform that a fundraiser is going to be held December 1 at Navarre Beach near Pensacola to help out.  I’ll be posting more details as they are made available but I certainly plan on going and doing what I can to help a small bit.



It’s sneaking up and lots of you are looking for your costumes.  I have a Halloween party to attend again this year that great friends are throwing.  It’s not my thing really to dress up.  I bought on pirate costume several years ago and I’ve pretty much worn out all my “arrgh mateys”.  This year I’m putting a toilet seat over my neck, wearing a black cape, holding a plunger and going as Harry Potty.



Moving day for me.  I’m off to Gulf Shores this morning to hang with my friend Brent Burns and do a little writing on an idea we’ve had on the books for a bit.  Then Wednesday we play in a 9 hole golf tourney and perform for the group of Parrot Head fans after the last ball has plunked in the last cup.  Should be fun.


Have a great Tuesday!









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