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Maleficent...Sant Jo Texas...Halloween Costumes

Oct 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning in wet Music City. Meanwhile I saw some tips being handed out to those who live in Minnesota on ice fishing.  Already?  I’ll take the wet down here.  Odds of you ever seeing me drag an outhouse over ice and then using an auger to bore a hole to catch fish?  Long.



After being on the road for more than a week I had a down day and used the off time to go see the movie Maleficent with my Disney fan daughter Heather.  I used to think I was a big Disney fan…but I’m a rank amateur compared to my daughter.  So we had a little Dad-Daughter time yesterday and I can’t think of a better way to kill an off day from the crazy schedule I seem to be caught up in.  The movie was fun…not an Academy Award winner for sure, but it was fun to watch with my daughter.


I did write one parody song for New York yesterday titled “Vaccine” using the Dolly Parton hit “Jolene” reminding folks (including me) to go get a flu shot.  Whether you take the shot up north in an arm or down south of Mason Dixon part of your anatomy…it’s a good thing to get the vaccine.  Flu season is on us.



I did get all the details for our upcoming “Hits & Grins” show in the small town of Saint Jo, Texas coming up on Sunday November 29 at the Texas Theater.  Saint Jo is just north of Dallas if you’re looking at the map.  All the details for this show are on my calendar now here on the website.


And the full schedule is up for the most part for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach that lasts two weeks.  Our Hits & Grins trio will play the first week and you’ll see for now that we have three shows scheduled but stay tuned…there may be a fourth show…we hope.



The really good Fall movies will be arriving now.  The new Star Wars trailer is out for the sequel titled “Rise Of Skywalker”.  And yea…it looks great and fairly emotional as you can see when you watch the trailer. 


And one of the other movies I’m anxious to see is “Ford vs Ferrari” starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale.  A guy movie for sure.  A lot of speed…a lot of testosterone.  Gonna have to buckle up in my theater seat for this one judging by the way it looks.



When you first read about possible new tech things you, or at least I do, wonder if that will ever really happen.  When they started talking about Air Taxi's…electric planes that individuals might use to go to work and beat traffic I thought…I dunno.  Well, the plane is operational as you can see from this VIDEO just released.  I don’t know how much it will cost to take one…or how much you’ll have to tip but it’s starting to look like reality.  Can’t wait to use my Uber app for one of those rides.



I now know what costume I want to dress up for this Halloween.  A Chicken Sandwich outfit.  It's available if you're comfortable between a couple of buns.


My best costume idea ever still works for me.  Put a toilet lid over your neck, carry a plunger when you go trick or treating, and when they ask you at the doorstep who you are?  Your answer is Harry Potty.  You’re welcome.



“20 Year Old Claims He’s Been Living On Mac and Cheese For 20 Years”.  Ha.  Way way way ahead of you young man. 



Back to rhyming words today with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard.  And this evening the World Series starts!  Washington-Houston.  It’s all about pitching and both sides are loaded but the edge me thinks goes to Houston.  We’ll see.  Either way I’ll be on the coach with my Tupperware bowl of Mac and Cheese.


Have a great Tuesday.





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