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Florida Time...New Music...Good Deeds

Oct 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Florida.



Saturday morning I got up at the crack of dark and headed south to join my “Evening In The Round” family Lang Scott, Linda Davis, and their daughter Rylee Jean and her boyfriend down at the beach.  A few days of lazy stuff hanging in a beautiful spot with great friends. 



We spent a little time in the town of Seacrest Beach Florida where Jim Carrey shot the movie “The Truman Show” that some of you may remember. I’ve been all over Florida through the years but somehow had missed this little part of it. It’s a really pretty and upscale part of the Sunshine State for sure.


Our little group just explored the little town and shops in the village on Sunday. I bought a couple of CD’s at a record store that is one of the venues for the 30A Songwriters Festival held here that I’ve yet to play. (Got to cure that)  The owner proudly told me Rodney Crowell played in his record shop last year as part of the event.  I’d be bragging too if I had Rodney Crowell in my place.


And we checked out the beach on a PERFECT Sunday…no clouds…still water…beautiful sand and we found a little beachside bar to try a local brew while looking out at the water.  Hard to top those kind of days for sure.



I got a nice present while sitting here on the beach when my phone dinged and it was a text from my friends Rob Bellamy and Ayla Brown who have been in Portland, Oregon working on a new EP that will have a total of six new original songs from this talented duo…and I have three co-writes on the project.  So I got to put on some headphones and crank up the volume on the great work they did out in the Northwest.  The songs truly sound great and the EP will be available soon.  I’ll let you know when and how you can get a copy soon.  But thanks to those two for loving these songs so much!



While I sit here in Florida my daughter Heather is starting to send pictures she’s taken for a wedding in Paris.  I’m happy as her Dad to see her work starting to be recognized and that more folks are starting to reach out to her to snap their moments that need snapping.  If you’ve not seen any of her pictures…here’s her WEBSITE.  Take a look around.



620 Million…no winners.  And Mega millions is well over a billion now.  You buying tickets today too?  Combined…the two are now worth (as I’m typing this) 2.22 BILLION bucks!



Who knew?  That cracking your knuckles will NOT cause arthritis, which the old wives, tale would have you believing.  Eating BEFORE swimming will NOT cause cramps.  And kids eating sugar will NOT cause them to be hyper.  So there ya go.  Crack your knuckles, eat a dozen Krispy Kremes then do the breaststroke and load up the kiddies at your door on Halloween candy.



To Ricky Skaggs, the great fiddler Johnny Gimble and Dottie West who were officially inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame last night.  All three extremely deserving but our little group down here in Florida were all especially tickled to see Ricky Skaggs go in as he produced the “Love Remains” projects for Hillary Scott & The Scott Family who I’m hanging with down here for one more day.  My song co-written with Hillary, Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry “Safe Haven” is also on that project which won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Album Of The Year”.  So way to go Mr. Skaggs.  That was long overdue for sure.



Loretta Lynn, after giving us all a pretty good scare seems to be doing better and is back home after an illness sent her to the hospital.  I think if you use Crisco as much as Loretta has…it leads to a longer life.  I’m adding more to my diet starting today.



Quietly…lots of folks do so many great deeds we never know about.  If you read the news or hang on your social networks too much…sometimes you’d feel like nothing good ever goes on in the world when that really so far from the truth.  It’s the “negative” that gets the headlines because…well because we just can’t seem to help ourselves.  Print a story about someone giving aid to someone in need and it’s a ho hum story that does not “move the needle” as we like to say in the media.  Put u a shooting or a car wreck or some politician going off in an ugly way and we’re glued.


This will make you feel better.  Click on this LINK and see Keith Urban singing to a young patient who was put in hospice and could not make his concert in Toledo. Pretty danged cool.



And check out this version of the national anthem performed by Willie K in Hawaii.  A unique Hawaiian version for sure and what makes it remarkable is that this Hawaiian musical legend is battling lung cancer.


Proof we love to be scared.  The newest “Halloween” movie took in over 77 million dollars at the box office this weekend.  Wow.  I’m so NOT a Halloween person.  Scariest movie I think I ever saw was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.  “Old Yeller”.  I’m still upset.  So y’all go on without me.



The Neiman Marcus catalog is out just in time for letting you know what you can’t afford to buy.  I’m going to have to pass on the solar powered yacht they have that goes for 7.1 million dollars. No thanks Santa.  This is why I buy all my Christmas at Spencer’s gifts.  Who couldn’t use a lava lamp?!



One more day here in Seacrest before heading west to Gulf Shores tomorrow morning where I’ll hang with my long time buddy in musical crime Brent Burns.  We’ll get a little writing done tomorrow and then on Wednesday the two of us will part of a golf-entertainment day at a Country Club playing alongside fans of beach music…Parrot Heads.  As Brent wrote into one of his songs…at least right now both of us are “Living The Life” that Jimmy Buffett only wrote about.


Have a great Monday!


















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