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Home From The Beach...Hawaii Song...Hall of Famers

Oct 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back home in Nashville. 



I had three really fun shows with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier down in Port St. Joe, Florida for the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival “Hits & Grins” style.  We had a lot of rain the first two days but I think it drove people into the venues we played and man were folks receptive.  Friday night at the Lookout Lounge was so special as the crowd just reacted so great to every song, every joke, everything that came at them from the stage.  Really a wonderful audience to play for.


Saturday night we played right in the town of Port St. Joe at the Krazyfish Grille.  GREAT seafood.  The garage doors were open to the street and off in the distance was the Gulf of Mexico.  Even with cloudy skies it was a beautiful setting from our view off the beachy like bar and stage that was our venue Saturday night.


And then Sunday we played outdoors under sunny warm skies (a postcard like day) with our songwriter friend Jerry Salley before we packed and made it back to Nashville late last night.


My hats off to all the folks down there who are still rebuilding from hurricane Michael that leveled the place. There’s still hardly anything open in Mexico Beach.  But, they’ve done enough rebuilding in Port St. Joe and the area that allowed them to hold this great songwriters festival again this year.  It was just another sign that the region is recovering.  Thanks for having us.



My friend Wil Nance was also part of the festival and I bring that up because Wil wrote a song that he’s performed now for a few years that he wrote with Chris Janson and his wife.  And Chris finally recorded the song himself that’s out now on his new album.  I’m bringing this up because I think this song is so great with a wonderful “mortal” message for all of us, “Go To Hawaii On Me”Tim McGraw had first recorded this song but then it did not make his album.  However, I think if they decide to release this song as a single, it could be a big ole hit for my friend Wil.  Listen and see what you think.  It might change your perspective on dying.



GQ just released a song of the most annoying songs of all time.  “Who Let The Dogs Out” and “Achy Breaky Heart” made the list.  Anyone disagree with those two choices.


I played “Achy Breaky” a zillion times on air when it came out.  The requests would not stop coming for it.  It’s taken a lot of heat and been the butt end of jokes from music folks for a lot of time. But I heard a great story from a former radio Program Director of mine who was invited one year to the Billy Ray Cyrus estate just outside  Nashville with a lot of other radio folks during the Country Radio Seminar one year.  Billy put them all on 4-wheelers and they went for a tour of the acreage.  At one point they all rolled up and stopped and looked at all the beautiful scenery.  One Program Director asked Billy while they were surveying the scenery if he felt bad that his song had been the butt end of a lot of jokes?  He smiled and then pointed at estate all of them were admiring and said, “It bought me all of this”.  And there ya go.


A songwriter named Don Von Tress wrote the song in not much time.  He was a painter at the time dabbling in songwriting.  Safe to say, he has not painted anything since…except pictures of the money that song has made.



To Brooks and Dunn, Ray Stevens and Jerry Bradley who were inducted into our Country Music Hall of Fame last night.  Brooks and Dunn and Ray Stevens all of you know, Jerry Bradley is a noted producer here and worked with the likes of Patsy Cline.  He signed the group Alabama…and on and on. 


And now it’s going to be nice to acknowledge that a Hall of Famer Ray Stevens recorded one of my songs I wrote with Brent Burns whenever I sing “Retired” on stage in the future.  Congrats to all three new members.



A guy in Wyoming must have shot his pumpkin full of steroids.  It weighed in at 1,491 pounds breaking the state record.  And he grew the big orange thing in his backyard.  Wow.  That will be one big smile from a Jack O Lantern when he carves up that bad boy for Halloween.    



A Ugandan woman has been banned from having more kids.  She’s given birth to 44 of them!  Four sets of twins, five sets of triplets and five quadruplets.  She had her first child at age 13.  The government there is telling her “no more”.  I don’t know what she’ll now do with her spare time…but it won’t be pushing out little ones no more it seems.



California now has a statewide system designed to give residents in that state up to 20 seconds that an earthquake is about to happen.  So if you’re phone vibrates in pocket?  There’s more vibration on the way.  Brace yourself.



Maleficent 2 with Angelina Jolie took in over 100 million bucks at the box office over the weekend. Since I have a couple of off days this week?  I see me seeing that.  And with the popularity of that character I suspect we’ll see a lot of Maleficent showing up at our doors on trick or treat night.



It’s all about catching up on stuff today after being on the road for over a week.  Up next is the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival with “Hits & Grins” in the first part of November.  That’s followed by a show in Ruston, Louisiana and Carthage Texas with Linda Davis and Lang Scott the following weekend.  And then the last Sunday of the month I’ll be near Dallas for a theater show with “Hits & Grins” that’s going up on my calendar today on my website.  So just go there if you want details on any shows I have coming up in the future.


As always, it’s would be great having you at one of them!


Have a great Monday!



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