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Polka Day...Tornado Alley...Gulf Shores Trip

Oct 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And here comes a Fall weekend.  Beach ahead.



I spent part of the day at TV studio where they film the “Pickler and Ben” show that’s catching on big time.  Yes…that Pickler…as in Kellie Pickler that I once wrote about in this SONG with Cledus T. Judd.  Good thing she didn’t see me there probably.


The show started with something like 30 affiliates and is now over 130 or so and growing big time.  That means SECURITY was ridiculous there.  In fact…had I needed a bathroom while I was there I would have needed a personal escort from my friend Lynn Marie who works on the show.


Lynn Marie is going into the Polka Hall of Fame in the near future along with her fiancée Eddie Rodick…and that’s how I wound up there yesterday after getting checked big time at the security gate. 


 The two of them will be in studio next Tuesday to record a ne traditional polka album and Lynn had sent me an idea about a celebratory kind of polka song that involves…beer…and celebrating using lots of different holidays in the song that would lead one to climbing up on a picnic table with an accordion as my friend sometimes do. 


I loved the idea so I’d done some pre-work on the song that the two of them loved and it will be on the new album which is great news for me!  Both Lynn and her hubby to be are “deep” into that world of polka, which means they know words in Slovenia, Russian, German, and Polish that I do not.  So next time I write with them I’m going to take a Rosetta Stone for polka.



So I have had a little run of good news about songs I’ve helped to write lately.  I’ve got a polka song coming with Lynn Marie, there are 7 co-writes with Brent Burns on his new CD just coming out.  The album is titled “70 and Partly Funny” which features an extremely funny duet with Brent and Linda Davis called “Resistible”.  (Makes me laugh every time I hear it)


Irene Kelley…a noted bluegrass/Americana artist has a new CD coming out that will have two of our songs on it


Becky Denton from Missouri recorded our song “Two Bags One Beach” which is on the Australian Country Charts and is also getting airplay on some Trop Rock internet radio stations that Parrot heads listen to.


And yesterday I got a wonderful text from my friends Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who are in Portland, Oregon cutting a new album and three of the songs we wrote together will be on that CD. 



So I’ve landed some beach tunes, a polka tune, a bluegrass song AND some commercial country duo songs all within the past few weeks which is awesome.  Congrats to all my musical friends and thanks for loving our songs so much.



I did buy lotto tickets.  How can ya not even though you know you have no chance?  It’s worth nearly a BILLION bucks this weekend in the Mega Millions drawing AND Powerball is way up there too.  So…since I bought both…I should be cashing in both.  That’s how it works right? I have no chance...but I buy anyway.  Proof I’m hopeless.



And yes…I did watch a little baseball.  The Boston Red Sox put away the Astros yesterday and they now wait to see if they play the Brew Crew (who I’m rooting for) or the Dodgers in the Fall classic.  Doesn’t look good for Bob Uecker’s boys right now…but I’ll be glued to the game tonight hoping the Brew Crew can rise up. 



The “Daily Mix” just released a top 25 list of most popular Halloween candies.  I won’t print the entire list but #3 is Snickers.  #2 M&M’s and number one is Skittles.  Really?  I’ve never been a Skittles fan. 


My friend in Arizona…Roger Naylor used to joke on comedy stages that he would drop a potato in Trick or Treat bags just to see the reaction on kid’s faces.  I might try dropping broccoli this year.



There’s at least one Brewery that used its beer to make donuts.  Awesome.  Where do I get a dozen Krispy Ales?



The most stolen car in America is the Honda Accord.  Over 45,000 thefts and counting.  See…this is why I drive an AMC Pacer.


Now those climate change scientists are saying that global warming may be moving tornado alley from where it’s traditionally been to the southeast a bit more.  Missouri being one of those states listed for more tornado activity…my home state.  Tennessee is also included.  So if your name is Dorothy and you live in the southeast…build a storm cellar girl. 


To this day whenever the word “tornado” comes up…I smell potatoes.  That’s because my Dad was fearful of them and I remember going to and Uncle’s house who had a cellar that was packed with potatoes down there.  That dark, dank smell of taters is still here with me every time some weather forecaster says “twister”.


Kleenex is now offering tissues called “Mansize” tissues.  I’m sure it’s the same ole Kleenex but it’s just more manly to say you blew into a “Mansize”…I suppose. 



I’m sitting down to write with Irene Kelley again today…whom I mentioned above.  Truly love to hear her sing round the kitchen table. 


And then this weekend I’m off to Gulf Shores, Alabama to hang and write with my friend Brent Burns before we do a Parrot Head show next Wednesday down there.  So Monday’s blog will be from the beach.


Have a great weekend!




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