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Florida Trip...Tropical Storm...Bob Kingsley

Oct 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from Port St. Joe, Florida where we could be sitting through a tropical storm later today.  Yikes.



I made the long drive from Nashville down here to the Forgotten Coast with my “Hits & Grins” trio Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival that returns this year after the hurricane took it off the map last year.


We got in last evening but we saw plenty of leftover damage as the town is still re-building.  Places we knew and loved are still gone and some may never return.  But enough of Port St. Joe exists now to hold this great festival we’re all proud to be part of.  Today when the sun comes up we’ll get an even clearer look of the place.


The ride down seemed particularly long yesterday as all three of us have been crazy busy. 


Steve Dean flew to Charleston on Monday for a show, flew back Tuesday and then drove down and back to Chattanooga for “Freedom Sings” the group that writes songs with our veterans that I’ve blogged about before and then jumped in the van for the over 8 hour drive down here.


Victoria did a show on the General Jackson Showboat in Nashville that kept her up until about 2 AM with a 7 AM departure with us.


And me?  I had an 8 hour drive back home from Branson Wednesday and then jumped in the 7 am van with the other two.  Good thing we love what we do huh?


A little pizza, something cold to drink and we checked into our little beach home the festival gave us and crashed.  Today we’ll check in and play our first show at 5 pm this evening at a place called the Lookout Lounge which is a great little listening room here.  We’re ready to go.



The trip down here was a bit sad for me as I saw on my Facebook that radio legend Bob Kingsley had died.  I blogged about Bob just a few days ago when he announced he was stepping away from this Country Top 40 Countdown Show that he’s hosted forever because of bladder cancer.  In his note to all of us he mentioned how he hoped he’d be back soon.  A few days later…he’s gone.  Besides being an iconic voice that so many have listened to on the radio forever…he was an extremely nice man.  Bob was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Country Radio Broadcasters in 2012…the same night I was inducted into that Hall of Fame.  Bob allowed me to fill in for him 4 different times from his studio out in Texas.  I got to know him a bit, and his wife Nan and his great staff.  So for him to have been honored in 2012 was special as we got to spend a little more time together that night.  And now this. 


What a class act.  He touched a lot of lives…and he was always kind.  Life is short folks…life is very short.  Make the most of it. As Bob did.



Our little beach place does have a TV but not many channels.  And sadly, not the one carrying the baseball playoff game last night that Houston won!  The Astros are one game away from meeting the Washington Nationals in this years World Series.  And with their starting pitching?  Hard to imagine that won’t happen.



Jonah Hill was set to play the Penguin in the new Batman movie but has now decided he doesn’t want to wear black and white with a beak and waddle. So, who should play that character?  I’ll vote for Danny DeVito



The dude who makes Kim Kardashian look like Kim Kardashian is offering you a chance to get made up like her at a fantasy make up camp of his.  Cost?  A measly $400,000!  Wonder if he tapes on the big Kim K bubble butt for that price too with a red flag stuck on the back of those bubbles?



Now some science reports that if we study too hard it could lead to a shorter life. Pretty good news for me.  I should live to be at least 100 if that’s true.



So, if you’ve ever been to a show that I’ve been part of there’s a fair change that you’ve seen and heard me sing a song I wrote titled “I’ll Join The Amish”.  I may have to do a re-write after reading this morning that one Amish buggy now has jet power.  Uh huh.  Ezekiel is going a little faster to the butter-churning contest these days folks.  I have GOT to get me one of THESE bad boys.



So I passed on reading an article that claims to help us know if it’s a real or fake Rolex watch someone is trying to sell us.  Here’s one free tip from me.  If you see a Rolex watch on MY wrist?  It’s fake. 



“Woman Gives Up The 300 Rats She Lived With In Her Van”. Wonder if she was leasing the space?



Well, we are keeping our eyes on the weather for sure with a tropical storm that could bring 65 mph winds here starting this evening and lasting through tomorrow.  After what this region has been through the last thing they want is high wind and surging water.  We don’t want that either.  Our show today is at 5 pm and after that it could get a little interesting…we’ll see.


Have a great weekend!

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