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Voting...Polka Music...Big Bird

Oct 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up dark and early on a Thursday waiting on the sun to pop it’s head up over Old Hickory Lake outside my little blogging window.



My New York parody assignment was to tackle weed in Canada that is now legal to purchase so we went with the obvious.  A Willie Nelson song.  Who knew Willie was so way ahead of his time?


It was also early voting here in the Volunteer State so we did our civic duty.  Once again I voted for the one “Who Doesn’t Suck So Bad”…which came from a comedy song I used to play on the radio every time Election Day rolled around. 


And..there was baseball…two games!  I sat and rooted for the Brew Crew against the Dodgers to no avail.  Sigh.  But…for a big baseball nut like yours truly…having TWO playoff games on TV on a weekday?  Not a bad way to help kill a Wednesday.



To Hillary Scott who last night on the CMT special that was all about the female vocalists in country music she was named the “CMT Artist Of The Year”.  I can only imagine how her Mom and Dad Lang Scott and Linda Davis were popping their buttons sitting on their couch watching that unfold last night.  Not to mention her younger daughter Rylee.  Just could not happen to a sweeter person than her.


In 2012 she and her husband Chris came to my Radio Hall of Fame Induction, which was a complete surprise to me.  They could have spent their time most anywhere they chose but showed up for my little moment, which was not lost on me.  It’s a measure of who they are.


So congrats to a young lady I’ve kinda sort of watch grow up through the years who’s receiving big time acclaim from her peers…and her friends this morning.  Awesome.


If you missed it…I’m sure the “CMT Artist Of The Year Special” will be replaying.  But here's her gracious acceptance speech



You may not know that name but you sure know the character he portrayed on TV for the last 49 years.  Carol Spinney is now 84 and is retiring as “Big Bird” from Sesame Street.  He was also the voice of “Oscar The Grouch”.  Imagine how many smiles and laughs he provided children for the last 49 years?  Not a bad life.  And the man has 4 honorary doctorates, a host of Grammy Awards and Emmy’s…including the Lifetime Achievement Award as well as numerous other honors.  Thanks for the memories Big Bird.


Makes me want to seek out and watch the documentary about him “I Am Big Bird”.



That would be Garth Brooks who announced this week he’s out on a big stadium tour across the country.  And the man can still fill up every seat.  Fave Garth song?  I kind of like the cover he did of the New Grass Revival song “Callin’ Baton Rouge”



The top 2 countries where supposedly folks live the longest?  Spain is number one.  Japan is number two.


I’m thinking Spain would even be a more solid number one lock if so many idiots didn’t sign up every year for the “Running Of The Bulls” thing. 



That “preventive botox” may be a scam.  Ya think.  Before you have a wrinkle…you PAY to have a needle stuck in your forehead to prevent you from being wrinkled. 


If they want to do the world a real favor…start classed for “preventive texting while driving”.


Apparently once can purchase a 77-Pak of beer!  77 cans or bottles in one pack?  Did Sam’s start selling beer?



I’m headed for the Pickler-Ben TV studios where my talented friend Lynn Marie works on set.  Lynn was just voted into the Polka Hall of Fame which is awesome and she sent me a note yesterday asking if we could gather to write a song idea she has as she and her talented polka playing husband Eddie Roddick are going to be in studio next Tuesday to record a new polka album.  So this will be fun.  The three of us already have one song we wrote months ago that they’ve been performing so I’m sure that will be on the album too.  Who knew that one day I’d be rhyming in lederhosen?  Happy to do so.  And…I’ve got the dang legs for it!


Have a great Thursday!


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