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Beer...Australia Air Play...Sears Guitars

Oct 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day and I’m no richer than I was yesterday…how bout you?



My one writing assignment was to come up with a parody song about beer being in short supply in the future because of a global warming scare that came out from scientists yesterday.  So I turned the Tom T. Hall classic “I Like Beer” into “We Need Beer” that I’m sure a few radio stations are having fun with this morning.


And the rest of the day had me catching up on stuff like adding my Frank Brown Songwriters Festival to my calendar on my website.  Right now you’ll see four dates listed at the festival but there should be a couple of more to be added later. 


This is the time of year that I always have a few runs to the beach including one this weekend as I’m headed down early to write with my friend Brent Burns and then do a show with him this Wednesday night.  You can also find details on that golf outing-concert on the website.


And then I just hunkered down on the couch and watched baseball as both games were on yesterday…with two more today.  Couple of pretty good series going on right now.



I see where my Missouri buddy Becky Denton is having some luck with a song we wrote with her husband-drummer Will Denton “Two Bags One Beach” as Australia radio is apparently loving our little song.  Good for Becky…good for all of us.  I always love hearing news like this knowing something good is happening for folks I really like a lot.  Check out the song on the link.



And I got a great surprising text from my old friend Brent Rowan who’s a noted producer-guitar player in the town and a long time session leader.  Brent produced some of the big Blake Shelton hits that you know and one time and his signature guitar licks you would recognize.  He moved his family out to beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado years ago and has a studio out there.  And trust me…its gorgeous place that he and his wife have raised their kids in.


Brent was reaching out because he had been inspired a bit from a song the two of us wrote several years ago that my daughter Heather sang the lead vocal.  I’ve always loved this song so it was just cool knowing that Brent still loves it enough to pull it up again and revisit it.  Hopefully someone else is going to fall in love with it too and record it someday.  It’s truly great hearing from old friends just out of the blue.


That’s the great thing about writing songs with folks yak love.  You write them…they lay around sometimes for years…and then the song resurfaces.  Amazing.



Nope…forgot to buy my Mega millions AND Powerball ticket.  But who knew you and I would have another chance?  Mega millions had NO winner and is now worth 868 million for the next drawing this weekend.  And if that isn’t enough…Powerball is up to 345 million.  I see places that sell lotto tickets being very busy the next few days.



Heck…maybe folks bought stock in the lotto.  The stock market rallied back with a 548 point jump yesterday.  Years ago a financial guy told me…invest…leave it alone…don’t look at it…and by the time you need it you’ll have more than you put in.  Turns out to be true.  But…I still tend to reach for Tum when it drops 600 points or so.


Netflix saw a huge gain yesterday in the rally and their 3rd Quarter results which means more of us are staying on the couches to watch movies and content than ever before.  And with online ordering putting Brick and Mortars out of business like they were dinosaurs…it’s proof we be staying home more and not less.  Wish I had not invested in Blockbuster now.  Anyone need a VHS?



Sears is bankrupt and will go away I’m sure.  Sad.  I grew up with Sears like a lot of you did.  And my first guitar I ever played was an old Sears Silvertone guitar that my Mom bought right out of the catalog.  Nope I didn’t keep it.  Wish I had.  I remember those old electric guitars they sold in a case that opened up into an amplifier.  They weren’t great quality guitars…but they are iconic.  My guess is some of those old Sears guitars will jump in price when they do go out of business and I’ll be kicking my own butt…hard.



Best cities to get a job according to a new study?  Pittsburgh #1.  Followed by St. Louis and Indianapolis.  Anyone of you would have guessed that?  Me neither.



If you wanna chill…move to Canada.  Weed is legal now.  I’m looking for Willie to buy property north of the border. 



“Rabid Raccoon Attacks Three People In Washington DC”.  I think he was fair and bit one Democrat, one Republican and one Independent. 



Well…my writing appointment cancelled so I have the day open.  Early voting starts today here in TN so it’s my chance to select “none of the above”.  And then…there’s TWO more baseball games on today.  Tough day ahead.


Have a great Wednesday!










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